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Tonight’s trading highlight is an alternative energy company that offers a vast array of products, services, and growing technologies via R&D. Many small cap companies can only deal with ONE form of clean tech product – they are ultra-niche oriented.  This company showcases their services and product offering via an impressively growing dealer network and growing large-scale projects and orders.

The company has developed a comprehensive strategy of providing total energy solutions for a wide range of green energy applications, Micro Utility, Micro Grid and Smart Grid initiatives on any domestic and international level, and is committed to help make a difference in the World and help provide sustainable, affordable, clean alternative energy to everyone in every walk of life.

Wednesday’s “after hours acquisition” alert is:

SNTL – Syncronys International, Inc.

SNTL is on a mission to continue its position as a profitable company while maintaining their commitment to providing an excellent value proposition to its clientsDelivering, supporting and servicing the best renewable energy solutions available to solve their particular energy requirements.

What is the SNTL Business Plan?

SNTL has a 3 pronged business plan approach:

  • Provide a high value proposition to our customers, delivering to them the best power solutions in terms of alternative and renewable energy at a fair price with unsurpassed support and service.
  • Through its subsidiaries, SNTL will build a solid distribution channel through which the current and future products can be sold to a variety of end users, distributors, and developers.
  • Partner with research institutions, helping them to commercialize intellectual properties

Most small cap Clean Technology companies focus on only a few products and one sub-sector industry – Wind, Solar, Geothermal, etc.  SNTL has taken the initiative to create a carefully selected dealer network to provide value and maintain the highest standards of professionalism. On-going training and educational direct and web meetings will insure that our Distribution network remains second to none in the industry.

What products, technologies, and industries does SNTL service?

SNTL does it all! The array of technologies and services provided is plentiful - Commercial and Residential Solar, On and Off Grid, Water and Irrigation, Wind, Energy Evaluations, Installations, and Research.  Direct your attention to the home site at here for more details on the Entire product lineup and specifics.

What corporate projects and developments has SNTL made in 2012 to bring value to its shareholders?

Most recently, A Place Called Hope chose SNTL for their ongoing Outreach Programs.  Locations lacking infrastructure are great targets for SNTL growth.  “With the help of Syncronys International we will provide electricity with portable solar generators and water with solar water pumps. This greatly enhances the quality of life to those who have never had electricity or even clean drinking water.” Rex Gay, Syncronys CEO, adds.  SNTL is not only increasing sales, but it is changing the world for the better as well.

Likewise, SNTL won a large-scale contract in late April in the Middle East - Company Receives an Order to Install 400 Solar Powered Well Pumps in Middle East.  This is anticipated to be the First of MANY contracts in the Middle East, and it signals a HUGE Revenue potential already! The initial project is valued at $4.5M to install 400 solar powered well pumps in Pakistan.

DOING THE MATH - If 400 pumps are bringing in $4.5M then what long term possibilities do 9000 more pumps bring for the top and bottom line?

Technical Analysis For SNTL Stock

SNTL is a dreamlike scenario for its current traders!  If we look at the Daily Chart you will notice a reversal in channel and trend dating back to early July. Volume has been on a tear and increasing substantially all of August.  SNTL saw a Bullish Candle on Monday as the price ranged from $.10 to $.15.  The $.10-$.15 channel was common in May, but, preceding that, SNTL was often in the $.15-$.23 spectrum during a gauntlet of superb business developments.

Support is at the 20SMA at ~$.08. Accumulation and MACD look INCREDIBLY BULLISH, and RSI remains very bullish at around 65.

After hours press release

Syncronys International Announces That They Have Signed a Letter of Intent to Acquire Zillacomm, Inc. and Zillacomm Canada Companies

08/07/12 - MANDEVILLE, LA - Syncronys International (SNTL) Syncronys International is pleased to announce that they have signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Zillacomm, Inc. and Zillacomm Canada.

With expected annual revenues exceeding $15M, Zillacomm is a North American Infrastructure EF&I provider in Telecommunications and Energy sectors. Specifically, Zillacomm offers Commercial Carrier Wireless Networks and Energy Utilization, Renewable Energy applications, and Smart Grid systems. According to Rex Gay, Syncronys CEO, “Zillacomm’s ground-breaking infrastructure systems will enable a technology and implementation convergence for Syncronys’s renewable energy products, smart grid products and systems, communications, and security solutions.”

With integration opportunities that include Smart-Grids, Micro-Grids, Analytics, Energy Management, Wireless Services, and Cloud based applications and support, Zillacomm is projecting a 500% increase in overall sales over the next 5 years.

Syncronys offers a comprehensive product and technology strategy to provide a wide range of green energy applications, Micro Utility, Micro Grid and Smart Grid initiatives on any domestic and international level. Acquisition is in due diligence process by both parties.

You can read the full press release here.

Its only been a few hours since this press release came out and that means tomorrow is the first day that the trading community has to react to this news!

Make sure you’re watching SNTL tomorrow!



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