Budding Stocks On 420 2012

Budding Stocks On 420, 2012

Good afternoon!

While you’ve been busy enjoying today’s holiday, we put together a summary of today’s biggest penny stocks and big board stocks for your entertainment.

One of today’s biggest gainers was IC Places (OTC:ICPA). Before the market opened, ICPA announced a new partnership with EzVip.com. The stock was trading at just .0089 prior to this announcement. As of right now, ICPA’s high of the day is .0194, a gain of %117 from yesterday’s close.

LiquidMetal Technologies (OTC: LQMT) is currently up 51% on the day, opening at .349 and reaching a height of .448. Rumours have been swirling around in regards to a possible LQMT/iPhone 5 arrangement.

SGCOCO Group (NASDAQ:SGOC) is currently the biggest gain in the big board market. SGOC is currently up 95% on over $3 million in volume! SGOC opened at $1.46 and traded as high as $2.53 at this time of writing!

SEFE Inc (OTC:SEFE) announced a $2 Million Financing Term Sheet two days ago and has traded upward ever since. SEFE is currently up 12 cents on the day, or 8% on over $8 million in volume. The SEFE energy system contains a long electrical lead, or tether that is held aloft by a helium-filled blimp or weather balloons. Rods extending from the lead enhance the collection of atmospheric static electricity. A winch is used to adjust the altitude of the balloons and lead. Static electricity in the atmosphere is absorbed.

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