Tuesday 02/21 Mid Day Updates

On February 21, 2012, in Daily Watchlist, by Mark Goodman

Good day readers! The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently up so far today, moving up 21.69 to 12,971.56. Now lets take a look at some of the top penny stocks of the day.


Ecuity (ECUI) currently at 0.0009 today with a change of -10.00%. ECUI witnessed 15,428,901 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, ECUI closed at 0.001; its 52 week range is 0.0002 - 0.0077.


Green Endeavors (GRNE) currently at 0.0004 today with a change of -20.00%. GRNE witnessed 15,755,078 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, GRNE closed at 0.0005; its 52 week range is 0.0001 - 0.03. On 02/21/2012 @ 9:20AM, GRNE issued a press release “GRNE Reports Salon Revenues of $239,477 in January 2012; Up Almost 14% Over January of 2011″. You can read the full press release by clicking GRNE penny stock news.

GRNE Company Summary: Green Endeavors (GRNE) currently operates two salons that sell Aveda products exclusively. GRNE’s flagship salon is named Landis Lifestyle Salon which is an Aveda Lifestyle Salon. The flagship location has 20 chairs and gross annual revenues of approximately $2M. GRNE’s long term plans will include national expansion. GRNE’s initial expansion plans will be limited to a 50 mile radius of Salt Lake City, Utah which would include up to 6 salons. For more information, please visit www.green-endeavors.com and www.landissalons.com. URL: http://www.green-endeavors.com/


Rtg Ventures (RTGV) currently at 0.002 today with a change of -33.33%. RTGV witnessed 89,295,860 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, RTGV closed at 0.003; its 52 week range is 0.0019 - 0.02. On 02/21/2012 @ 10:30AM, RTGV issued a press release “RTG Ventures Restructuring Debt With 6-Month Window”. You can read the full press release by clicking RTGV penny stock news.

RTGV Company Summary: RTG Ventures is a technology company building disruptive products for the digital media and mobile payments industries. RTG technologies combine to create a social-enabled micro-payments platforms that use events to monetize content. URL: http://www.rtgventures.com


East Coast Diversifd (ECDC) currently at 0.0102 today with a change of -26.09%. ECDC witnessed 30,985,597 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, ECDC closed at 0.0138; its 52 week range is 0.0011 - 0.078. On 02/21/2012 @ 8:39AM, ECDC issued a press release “Rogue Paper’s TV Tune-In Adds Content Sync and Advertising Sync”. You can read the full press release by clicking ECDC penny stock news.

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