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Category: Trading Tips

Friday 3/13/2015 Fast Moving Stocks (LLBO) (MINE) (FXCM) (VOIS) (MCET)

Thank you for reading this market update from PennyStockRumors.net. Right now we will be highlighting Friday’s top stocks. One of today’s biggest movers is Lifeline Biotechnologies, Inc. (LLBO). So far today LLBO has traded over 91979118 shares, slightly above its 30 day average volume. The stock has a market cap of $12.16M as we type […]

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Trading Tips Part 3: Understanding Share Structures

Hello readers ! Today we would like to go over a very important factor in the volatility of penny stocks. The share structure of a stock should be one of the very first things one should look at before considering their decision to trade a certain stock. Share structures affect volatility and liquidity, and today […]

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Trading Tips Part 2: Finding "Dump the Run" Candidates

“Dump the run” refers to a term where a stock falls significantly, and is met with intense buying at discount prices. One of the most popular “dump the run” plays was BANI. BANI was a fairly inactive stock, with the last sale price being 1 cent. In may, the stock fell sharply, hitting .0007 several […]

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Trading Tips Part 1: How to Catch Momentum

Hello readers and subscribers ! I would like to present to you Part 1 of our Trading Tips articles. This post is about setting up an EquityFeed screener / filter to catch possible momentum plays. The purpose of this screener is to be as vague as possible (to catch just about anything) while being fairly […]

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