AwesomePennyStocks, VLNX, And Our $30K Mistake

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Good day readers and welcome soon to be subscribers!

Well well well. Where do we begin? If you’re not aware of the current hot topic in the world of penny stocks, this page will bring you up to speed!

We are going to lay out our thoughts on the entire AwesomePennyStocks and VLNX fiasco. The reality is that what you’re about to read is our theory on this whole ordeal. It’s safe to say that no one truly knows “the truth”.

So if you’re interested in learning how we are out over $30,000 and how we believe we came to be in this situation, grab a beer, sit down, and read this from top to bottom.

It’s important to note that our theory revolves around the fact that there seems to be two parties involved in this entire situation. One of those parties being “Centro Azteca”, and the other “Victory Mark Corp LTD”. If you don’t know who either of these two names are, don’t worry, you will learn a lot about these two companies very shortly.

The story begins: SNPK - Sunpeak Ventures


SNPK was a promotion ran by We received our first email from the APS crew about SNPK on March 8th, 2012 around 7PM:

Dear Valued Subscriber,

We have a brand new pick to introduce to our members.

Todays Company Is: Sunpeaks Ventures Inc. (OTCBB: SNPK)

Our last pick managed to soar over 2000% within weeks. SNPK could be our next multi-baggers in the coming weeks. We urge our members to start their due diligence on SNPK.

We are still researching SNPK and will provide more information on the company in the coming days.

The owner listed at the bottom of the first batch of SNPK emails is “Bright Tech Media Limited”

The last email that we received from APS with “Bright Tech Media” at the bottom of it was sent on April 6th. Starting April 7th, all SNPK emails listed “Centro Azteca” as the owner.

We believe its safe to say that Bright Tech Media = Centro Azteca. These two company names have shown up in APS emails prior to SNPK, and we do not believe an a truly different company was brought in and seamlessly continued promoting SNPK as soon as they took over.

The SNPK emails continued for nearly two months straight. Just take a look at the following image and you’ll see just how many times we received emails about SNPK!

Does anything stick out here? How about the random email we received from Centro Azteca on May 9th. Here is a few lines of the email we received from them that day:

Today’s pick is: SNPK

Dear Valued Subscriber,

We rarely revisit picks but we think that SNPK is at absolute bargain levels right now and it could bounce very high as the company has big things lined up on the agenda…

To any regular subscriber of theirs, this seems like a regular old SNPK email, just like one of the other 50 they sent. But to someone that is subscribed to virtually every penny stock newsletter that exists, you realize that this may not have just been a random, last ditch, follow up email.

So…just another follow up email on SNPK right? But wait, there’s more here than what meets the eye.

We also need to look at what a different newsletter emailed that day.

On May 9th, we also received emails from and

A visit to these two websites displays very familiar website layout. Their emails are in the exact same format as every AwesomePennyStock email. To the naked eye, they appear to be yet another one of AwesomePennyStocks sister sites. The only difference we noticed was the company name listed at the bottom of their email. And this one difference could be the answer to all of our questions.

Meet “Victory Mark Corp LTD”


Victory Mark is the company that owns and

Victory Mark sent out an email of their own at 1:44PM on May 9th, hours before we received that SNPK email from Centro Azteca. The email sent by Select and Preferred is below:

Today’s pick is: RARS

Hi Everyone,

We hope all of our members are still enjoying profits from our last huge pick, but it’s time to do it all over again! We aren’t officially releasing this pick until later in the week so if you are receiving this email you are hearing about it first!

Our new pick is Rarus Technologies Inc. (RARS)

When RARS was released by SelectPennyStocks and PreferredPennyStocks, traders across the world were curious if RARS would become the new AwesomePennyStocks play. The trading activity matched previous “day one” trading activity, and word was quickly spreading that RARS may just be the next APS play. With the volume resembling that of a typical APS play, and a similar website/email layout/attitude - many thought SelectPennyStocks was indeed another APS sister site. Many traders bought into RARS thinking the rest of the APS websites would be emailing RARS soon after.

RARS ended up being a slight failure for most traders. Check out this RARS stock chart:

What’s most interesting of all is the fact that Centro Azteca felt a need to send an email on this very same day announcing SNPK was still their priority. These emails came just HOURS after the RARS emails were sent. It’s as if they sent that SNPK email JUST to be clear they have no association with RARS or Victory Mark Corp LTD. 

What gives this theory even more credibility is the fact that this random SNPK email sent by Centro Azteca was the very last SNPK email they ever sent! It wasn’t really still their pick - they just needed to let everyone know that they would not be promoting RARS.

So let’s take a step back and summarize everything up to this point.

  • We know Centro Azteca/Bright Tech Media own and several sister domains
  • We know Victory Mark Corp LTD owns &
  • Victory Mark emailed RARS as their new play during the afternoon of March 8th
  • After the market closed on March 8th, Centro Azteca sent an email stating they are still behind SNPK

Many people recognize these two different entities (Victory Mark & Centro Azteca). What confuses people the most is what occurred with GWBU - Centro Azteca’s new pick announced May 15th, 6 days after they sent that email on SNPK.

Before you read about GWBU, you must know that the Victory Mark Corp websites only emailed RARS May 9th and May 10th. RARS was having a very hard time supporting itself. In 3 days, the price had dropped from 50 cents to right around 10 cents - clearly a very bad alert for the Victory Mark Corp websites.

GWBU - Great Wall Builders


We received our first email on GWBU from one of Centro Azteca’s sites ( on May 15, 2012. PennyStockAdvice is one of APS’s sister sites. Here is an excerpt from that email, officially marking the beginning of AwesomePennyStocks GWBU promotion.

As our loyal members already know, our last pick was just one of our countless winners so far in the year. In fact every single one of our 2012 picks has been a winner for our members! However many of you have been asking for a brand new, fresh pick for you to sink your teeth into. Well here it is!

Our brand new pick this week is GWBU!

On May 14th, GWBU closed at $1.09.

On May 15th, the first day of the promotion, GWBU opened at $1.22 and hit a high of $1.58 – quite a good first day for GWBU!

What really confuses people is the fact that the Victory Mark Corp websites ALSO emailed GWBU that day. We believe that because of RARS poor performance, the Victory Mark sites decided to email GWBU as their new pick. After such a terrible alert with RARS - what did they have to lose ?

GWBU was started days after RARS had fallen 80%, and the track record of Centro Azteca spoke volumes. The Victory Mark websites seemed to have rushed out to find a “cover up” play, and what better way to do it with a fresh Centro Azteca promotion.

It’s also important to realize just how much, or should we say how little, involvement the Victory Mark sites had with GWBU. The Centro Azteca websites (AwesomePennyStocks) emailed GWBU everyday for nearly two months. The Victory Mark Corp websites emailed GWBU just 8 times, half of them seemingly because GWBU had news on those days.

The Breakup & AWSR - America West Resources


So we’ve established and proved two different companies exist. But how do we decide which one to avoid and which one is the APS we have grown to love? Is Victory Mark Corp our new angel?

We believe that sometime in the beginning of this year, something happened at Centro Azteca. Maybe two partners, or two groups of people at Centro Azteca came to a disagreement. Either way, it was around this time that we saw a side of evil from Centro Azteca like we’ve never seen before.

On February 23rd, we received emails from three of APS’s sister sites - PennyStockGains, SecretPennyStocks and PennyStockUniverse (all 3 owned by Centro Azteca). Below is a copy of the PennyStockGains email:

Subject: Brand new pick coming March 1st!

Today’s pick is: NSRS

Hi Everyone,

For our new subscribers, Welcome!

Congratulations to everyone who made big bucks on our previous pick. We initially announced it at 7 cents, and it ended up hitting nearly $2.

We are going to be announcing a brand new pick on March 1st the company is absolutely amazing.

It is in the coal mining industry. It currently has a contract with Pacific Corp (Warren Buffet affiliated company) to supply up to $175 million worth of coal.

It is currently fully producing a large amount of coal in Utah, and Yahoo finance has a target of $4.50 on it while it is only trading at less than a dollar right now.

As we research the company and build reports to show you next month for our announcement you can prepare by loading your brokerage accounts, and researching the coal industry if you want.

We think that this new pick has a chance of becoming our best pick ever!

One minute later, we received an identical email from SecretPennyStocks.

Two minutes later, we received the third email from PennyStockUniverse. It was exactly the same as the other two emails, except for one minor detail in the first line:

Today’s pick is: AWSR

Quick research on AWSR led us to the realization that AWSR fits the exact clues they mention in ALL emails. It had a contract with Pacific Corp, it produced coal in Utah, and it had a $4.50 price target on Yahoo Finance.

AWSR was the company that these two newsletters were referring to with their “hints”, there is no questioning this.

So, what happened to AWSR that day you ask? If you know anything about AwesomePennyStocks, its that word spreads fast. When you to get that position, everything you do is closely watched. When these three websites sent these emails, they might as well have put the email on the homepage.

Over the years, AwesomePennyStocks sister sites have essentially become AweseomePennyStocks. When these three emails were sent, everyone automatically assumed that the rest of Centro Azteca’s websites would follow afterward, and be alerting this stock that fits those clues.

On February 23rd, the world had thought that APS would be promoting AWSR. An APS sister site cannot put a ticker into an email, and expect people to think anything other than “APS will be/already is promoting this”.

AWSR skyrocketed on this rumor. AWSR traded from 30 cents to $1.92 this day! But something happened before the market closed that really confused many people. The three Centro Azteca sites that sent those emails teasing for a new play on March 1st sent one more email before the market closed that day. Read the first line for yourself:

We would like to advise everyone that our newsletter issued a few hours ago contained a symbol that was not meant to be here. It was a mistake on our editors’ part and we apologize for it.

As you know we had not issued any official alert on a pick, and NSRS remains our pick until approximately the second week of March.

What?! Hours before this, these three websites had a date for their new play, gave hints that pointed to only one stock, and even put the ticker in one of the emails. Now they are saying their are still behind NSRS and their next play isn’t coming until the second week of March.

How did the stock react? Check out this chart of the typical AWSR traders account value of AWSR.

AWSRhad to be one of the partners’ attempt to pull a fast one on the other. Was AWSR (present day) Centro Azteca or (present day) Victory Mark Corp LTD’s doing?

Victory Mark Corp Goes Solo - MDMC - Marine Drive Mobile


Because Victory Mark Corp LTD owns the two newest sites out of ALL sites mentioned (both Centro & Victory Mark) in this report, we believe they have the smallest subscriber base. We believe in time these Victory Mark sites will grow using the same methods as Centro Azteca has. They are already dominating Google Ads with very high bids. A search for “penny stocks” put PreferredPennyStocks at the top of our screen! If the “good people” from Centro Azteca are now Victory Mark, they will eventually be able to prove it by way of promotions. As their member base grows, they should eventually be on top of Centro Azteca (if they are the people we’re looking for!) We believe Centro Azteca’s websites will eventually fade into oblivion.

All this talk about Victory Mark and we still have yet to see what they are capable of!  Let’s evaluate what we believe is Victory Mark Corps first, true, post-degroupa-split, real life test run, all guns drawn promotion - MDMC.

Our first email on MDMC came from Victory Mark on Jul 23rd, 2012. This wasn’t a botched alert either. It was not written in Chinese, it was not teased for weeks, it was not moved, rescheduled, reversed or revoked. We believe this was the real deal out of Victory Mark, and the basis for why we think the “good” aspects from the now reside within Victory Mark Corp LTD.

Here is an excerpt from PreferredPennyStocks email on July 23rd:

Today’s pick is: MDMC

Hi Everyone,

Our team has been looking at this great new company for a while now and couldn’t be more excited about what MDMC could be capable of!

Our last pick showed many subscribers gains of about 400%, but as we mentioned in our email yesterday, WE WANT MORE! Some of our earlier picks this year saw gains of over 1000% and that’s the goal we have set for ourselves for MDMC!

MDMC opened the day at 15 cents and by 4pm was closing the day right over 30 cents per share! The volume on “day one” was a tad under 50million shares. This promotion reached its peak within 11 days and hit a high of around 48 cents. Since then, MDMC has fell to nearly 5 cents per share.

The Victory Mark Corp websites just stopped sending emails on MDMC too. The last email we recieved about MDMC was on August 14th, just one week ago. We look forward to their new pick.

The VLNX - Vision Plasma Systems Stock Scam


(coming soon - Centro Azteca turns into Degroupa Tenner, creates a premium service, teases abnormal amounts for a new play (very un-APS style) and then rapes the stock from 39 cents to 4 cents in 24hours) sound like APS to you ? yeah, us either.

Victory Mark Corp’s Latest Email


Interestingly enough, Victory Mark websites just sent out an email about none other than VLNX:

Obviously we watch the markets closely and we are aware that there was a much anticipated pick this week from another newsletter that did very poorly.

After receiving many emails from subscribers about this pick we want to firmly state that we are in no way affiliated with that other newsletter and never have been. On top of that, we will continue to work hard to bring our subscribers the winning picks that they expect from us. In the past year we have only had one blemish on our record and we believe that our overall track record clearly speaks for itself.

This email proves that the Victory Mark Corp LTD sites have nothing to do with Centro Azteca/Bright Tech Media/Degroupa Tenner. This email also has us excited for Victory Mark’s next play.

With all that said, we don’t really know where to go from here. At this point in time, Victory Mark Corp has our full attention. After GWBU, AWSR, and VLNX, we’re calling it quits with Degroupa Tenner. We will not be trading the next 3 stocks that Degroupa Tenner mentions, in fact, we will be staying far, far away. We have hope that the good aspects of remain with Victory Mark - only time will tell the truth about BOTH of these two entities.

The only question left is what to do with our 200,000 VLNX shares that we own at an average of 19 cents.


This newsletter is neither an offer nor recommendation to buy or sell any security. We hold no investment licenses and are thus neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. The content in this report or email is not provided to any individual with a view toward their individual circumstances.  This compensation constitutes a conflict of interest as to our ability to remain objective in our communication regarding the profiled company. Because of this conflict, individuals are strongly encouraged to not use this newsletter as the basis for any investment decision. While all information is believed to be reliable, it is not guaranteed by us to be accurate. Individuals should assume that all information contained in our newsletter is not trustworthy unless verified by their own independent research. Also, because events and circumstances frequently do not occur as expected, there will likely be differences between the any predictions and actual results. Always consult a real licensed investment professional before making any investment decision. Be extremely careful, investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may likely lose some or all of the investment.

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