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Trading Tips Part 3: Understanding Share Structures

Hello readers ! Today we would like to go over a very important factor in the volatility of penny stocks. The share structure of a stock should be one of the very first things one should look at before considering their decision to trade a certain stock. Share structures affect volatility and liquidity, and today […]

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Trading Tips Part 2: Finding "Dump the Run" Candidates

“Dump the run” refers to a term where a stock falls significantly, and is met with intense buying at discount prices. One of the most popular “dump the run” plays was BANI. BANI was a fairly inactive stock, with the last sale price being 1 cent. In may, the stock fell sharply, hitting .0007 several […]

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Trading Tips Part 1: How to Catch Momentum

Hello readers and subscribers ! I would like to present to you Part 1 of our Trading Tips articles. This post is about setting up an EquityFeed screener / filter to catch possible momentum plays. The purpose of this screener is to be as vague as possible (to catch just about anything) while being fairly […]

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