ONTC Could Explode Thursday!

On March 14, 2012, in Featured Plays, by PennyStockRumors.net

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We’re putting all eyes on this company right now because this could turn out to be an amazing bounce play! Just take a peek below at this chart and you will see a chart unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

Read those annotations located in the chart above (enable images if you cannot see it), and you will have no question as to why we’re alerting ONTC for tomorrow’s trading session.

Our new alert is:

ONTC - Onteco Corp

ONTC is focused on proprietary technologies that target alternative energy marketplaces worldwide.

In February 2011, ONTC acquired NexPhase Lighting, a designer and developer of proprietary high quality LED fixtures.

If you’re like the rest of the world, you’ve probably considered migrating over to LED light bulbs. While most of us use CFL’s (fluorescent), the common complaint about many CFLs is that they do not reach full brightness, and the color output doesn’t quite match incandescents (the technical term for those old fashioned light bulbs).

LED’s use less energy, they are typical dimmable, their color performance is more like an incandescent bulb and they last longer.

ONTC‘s Nexphase Lighting subsidiary provides a full product line of American made, high quality, energy saving commercial LED lighting fixtures.

You may be thinking, “they sell LED light bulbs, who cares?”. Well ONTC has something that no one else has, and they call it “Nexsense”.

Enter Nexsense:

Patent pending “NexSense” technology gives their customers an edge in lighting management. It is incorporated into many of their fixture designs. You’ll find advanced sensory features that expand energy savings beyond just the use of energy saving LEDs.

These features include the following:

  • PROXIMITY SENSING – The most energy saving light fixture available is one that is not on.  Building on this, the NexPhase Proximity Sensor monitors movement within a given space and either dims or shuts the lights off if no movement have been sensed within a given period of time (configurable by the user).

There is nothing too special about proximity sensing - it has been around for what seems like forever. The real money lies with in Nexsense’s other feature:

  • AMBIENT LIGHT SENSING – This sensor takes advantage of the Sun free light (energy).  Once the occupant of an office sets the light level they like within their space, this sensor monitors the light level throughout the day.  If more light comes into the office as the sun rises, the sensing system reduces the amount of light being given off by the fixture to ensure the light level within the space remains the same.  The reverse is also true.  If storm clouds move in and block the sunlight that was previously coming into the space, the sensing system increases the amount of light from the fixture (up to the maximum output).

Their fixtures even incorporate networking technology which allows the fixtures to communicate with each other, wirelessly!

Make sure you are watching ONTC tomorrow! We could be in for a big treat! 


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