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Remember when NOOF (New Frontier Media) was trading at just $1.00 6 months ago (now at $1.30). If not NOOF, then I know you’ve taken a peek at LGF‘s stock (Lions Gate Entertainment - yeah, the people that brought us “Saw” and “Crash”). Take a look at this chart of LGF and see for yourself what this production company’s stock has done over the last year.

OK, enough about these plays we already missed! If you’re looking for stock with some serious upside potential, look no further! We found a little company trading for just 10 cents per share and just because they’re not LGF’s main competitor doesn’t mean that we can’t try to squeeze a quick trade opportunity out of it!

Our new alert is

GTRL - Get Real USA

GTRL describes them self as a company engaged in the production of low-budget, high quality, genre pictures with recognizable name talent.

GTRL is considered a “Current Information” Pinksheet company, so all of their quarterly reports are available online, unlike most of those pinksheet stocks!

The film industry is being fueled by several demand streams. Production cost on independent films can be managed such that profits are realized more efficiently and faster than ever.

GTRL just broke through a previous resistance line and closed at its most recent high! GTRL traded from 5 cents to 10 cents with just 1.2 million shares traded. Volume has been picking up recently and this its historic resistance level has finally been broken. Will this create a new support line for GTRL?

GTRL is currently engaged in the development, finance, sales, acquisition, distribution and marketing of high quality intellectual property devoted for the entertainment market, through films under budgets from $500K to $1M.

It is noteworthy that this company bears all legal rights of production, distribution, and of copying, for all its products, which all prior productions will continuously add to its capital over time.

GTRL’s approach to marketing a movie is far more than developing a commercial, designing an ad, or arranging for appearances. Instead, movie marketing requires carefully developing a marketing plan that covers many different areas in marketing and exploits every possible avenue.

We can’t forget about GTRL‘s other potential revenue stream.

Get Real Music, a division of Get Real USA, Inc. is unique because they feature the artist’s being sought after by music industry leaders and other accomplished artist’s. Get Real Music provides  the newest releases by our featured up and coming artist’s. projects are currently being developed and we will provide exclusive, never seen or heard music and videos.

Monday morning, GTRL announced that they launched their new music website. The Get Real Music producers and executive team have been developing music and working feverishly for months to develop music and sign artist featured on the new site. You can press release here.

Make sure you are watching GTRL today ! 

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