Thursday 02/16/2012′s Mid Day Updates

On February 16, 2012, in Daily Watchlist, by Mark Goodman

Good day readers! The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently up so far today, moving up 104.70 to 12,885.65. Now lets take a look at some of the top penny stocks of the day.


Power Sports Factory (PSPF) currently at 0.0031 today with a change of 40.91%. PSPF witnessed 5,203,444 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, PSPF closed at 0.0022; its 52 week range is 0.0005 - 0.005. On 02/14/2012 @ 3:58PM, PSPF issued a press release “Statement of Ownership (SC 13G)”. You can read the full press release by clicking PSPF penny stock news.

PSPF Company Summary: Power Sports Factory, Inc., formed in June, 2003, imports, markets, distributes and sells motorcycles and scooters. The Company’s product is marketed under “Andretti”, “Benelli”, “Strada” “Yamati” brands and is imported from China. The majority of the scooters range in size from 50cc to 300cc. On 5-15-07, PSF signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Andretti IV, LLC. This agreement allows Power Sports Factory to use the Andretti name to brand scooters and motorcycles for the next 10 years. URL:


Inchcape (INCH) currently at 360.00 today with a change of -1.42%. INCH witnessed 558,527 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, INCH closed at 365.20; its 52 week range is N/A. On 02/16/2012 @ 3:00AM, INCH issued a press release “Additional Listing”. You can read the full press release by clicking INCH penny stock news.


Dnd Technologies (DNDT) currently at 0.0014 today with a change of 0.00%. DNDT witnessed 380,610 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, DNDT closed at 0.0014; its 52 week range is 0.0005 - 0.006.

DNDT Company Summary: DNDT has a subsidiary, MatchingAds, Inc., a Utah corporation, organized in 2008. The Company owns eighty percent (80%) of MatchingAds.. MatchingAds, is a full service classifieds solution provider that offers local television stations a vertical shared revenue advertising vehicle. Each MatchingAds television station web-portal offers its users a no-cost classifieds service. MatchingAds generates and manages the classifieds site content within each television marketplace throughout the U.S. Contextual advertising similar to Google is how MatchingAds generates revenue, which will be shared with each television partner. The companys subsidiary has been in development for the past two years conducting market research and perfecting its software. Also during this time, relations with television stations have been established. MatchingAds owns its technology related to its business. This includes proprietary software, customer list, operational programs and other business trade secrets. The company owns all its technology. It uses offshore resources for IT support, customer service and call center services.

————————————— (BZRT) currently at 0.006 today with a change of 20.00%. BZRT witnessed 182,000 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, BZRT closed at 0.005; its 52 week range is 0.0033 - 0.51. On 08/08/2011 @ 6:00AM, BZRT issued a press release “Daily Press Reports Internet Exploitation of Kids a National Tragedy”. You can read the full press release by clicking BZRT penny stock news.

BZRT Company Summary:, Inc., has developed the Patent Pending web site, a safe and fun social networking web site, very much like a Facebook for Pre-Teens. features safe chat rooms for children of all ages and has built a unique social networking web site for kids that allows parents to set boundaries. The site is a completely safe and profanity free environment where kids can connect with other kids they know and safely exchange conversations, videos and photos. Similar yet different as compared to Facebook, kids are able to interact, share photos, and be provided with a safe chat room. The new social networking website for kids meets the challenge of pre-teens using alternate social networking sites and Internet access in a safe, responsible way. All of the restrictions, settings and controls of the KidzRocket Internet Web Filter are parental friendly and free to members. prevents the release of sensitive personal information, photographs, and other content to the public. The social networking web site invites parental involvement in partnership with their children. URL:


Drake Gold Resources (DKGR) currently at 0.003 today with a change of 0.00%. DKGR witnessed 3,761,700 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, DKGR closed at 0.003; its 52 week range is 0.0002 - 0.0031. On 02/14/2012 @ 8:30AM, DKGR issued a press release “Drake Gold Resources Appoints Chief Executive, Operating and Financial Officers”. You can read the full press release by clicking DKGR penny stock news.

DKGR Company Summary: Drake Gold Resources, Inc. (DKGR) is a property development holding company focused on developing projects through acquisitions that focus on income producing properties in various industries including real estate, petroleum and precious metal mining. URL:

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