Wednesday 02/15/2012′s Mid Day Updates

On February 15, 2012, in Daily Watchlist, by Mark Goodman

Good day readers! The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently up so far today, moving up to 12,856.18. Now lets take a look at some of the top penny stocks of the day.


Innolog Holdings Cp (INHC) currently at 0.0725 today with a change of 81.70%. INHC witnessed 2,329,040 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, INHC closed at 0.0399; its 52 week range is 0.002 - 0.20. On 02/14/2012 @ 9:00AM, INHC issued a press release “Innolog Receives Contract Award to ITC in Support of Air Force Materiels Command”. You can read the full press release by clicking INHC penny stock news.

INHC Company Summary: Innolog Holdings Corp. provides supply chain logistics and information technology solutions to clients in the public and private sectors. The Company serves governments, state and local municipalities, as well as selected commercial organizations. URL:


Futureworld Energy (FWDG) currently at 0.0037 today with a change of 0.00%. FWDG witnessed 0 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, FWDG closed at 0.0037; its 52 week range is N/A.

FWDG Company Summary: FutureWorld Energy, Inc. (Pinksheets:FWDG - News), a Delaware corporation, is a U.S. Diversified Energy Holding Company, listed on the Over the Counter exchange, which was formed to capitalize on the burgeoning markets in renewable and alternative energy technologies globally. FutureWorld Energy, together with its subsidiaries, focused on the identification, acquisition, development, and commercialization of renewable and alternative energy technologies globally. Through established relationships with universities, research centers and government agencies, we strive to identify technologies on the leading edge of innovation that would contribute immensely to the global energy needs while protecting the future for our children and theirs. To request further information about FutureWorld, please email us at [email protected] or log onto our website at URL:


King Resources (KING) currently at 0.0006 today with a change of -45.45%. KING witnessed 4,959,517 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, KING closed at 0.0011; its 52 week range is 0.0002 - 0.0028. On 02/14/2012 @ 3:45PM, KING issued a press release “King Resources, Inc. (KING) Merger Candidate Update”. You can read the full press release by clicking KING penny stock news.

KING Company Summary: Company’s main focus is oil and gas exploration, development. KING is dedicated to being environmentally responsible. Company places emphasis on the health and safety of the areas where they drill. URL:


A Clean Slate (DRWN) currently at 0.0045 today with a change of -11.76%. DRWN witnessed 48,000 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, DRWN closed at 0.0051; its 52 week range is 0.0045 - 2.00. On 02/08/2012 @ 2:46AM, DRWN issued a press release “Distressed Asset Acquisition Group, Inc. Sells Minority Position”. You can read the full press release by clicking DRWN penny stock news.

DRWN Company Summary: Provider of services for financially distressed consumers. URL:


Bigstring Corp (BSGC) currently at 0.014 today with a change of 57.30%. BSGC witnessed 6,471,260 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, BSGC closed at 0.0089; its 52 week range is 0.0026 - 0.063. On 11/17/2011 @ 4:36PM, BSGC issued a press release “Quarterly Report (10-Q)”. You can read the full press release by clicking BSGC penny stock news.


Vsus Technologies New (VSUT) currently at 0.0475 today with a change of 21.79%. VSUT witnessed 664,788 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, VSUT closed at 0.039; its 52 week range is 0.039 - 0.80. On 02/02/2012 @ 8:30AM, VSUT issued a press release “VSUS Technologies Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire 390 HA Metallurgical Coal Concession in Colombia with an Expected 70…”. You can read the full press release by clicking VSUT penny stock news.

VSUT Company Summary: ABOUT VSUS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (COKING COAL) BURNS HOTTER- PREFERRED BY STEEL MILLS (VSUT.PK) VSUS Technologies is a growing company specializing in acquisitions of revenue generating businesses. The company has daily interactions with possible acquisition targets looking to expand our operations and the company revenue stream. We have recently signed an Agreement to acquire a mining concession by the name of La Tabaquera in Colombia. Over the past year the Company has continued to search for the right business plan and business model to add to the company’s overall value. With core values of environmental and capital stewardship, we will strive to become good environmental neighbors and provide all shareholders operating and financial transparency. Our Company will have three revenue producing business units in Colombia: coking and coal mining in Guaduas, Colombia, docks and river transportation along the Magdalena River, and a coal export terminal on the northern coast of Colombia. The Company is also exploring allegiances with U.S. universities to study capturing Coal Bed Methane (CBM) in Colombia. About Guaduas, Colombia Our first mining acquisition is in the town of Guaduas, Colombia. VSUS Technologies will become a responsible neighbor in Guaduas. The company will sponsor health centers, schools, and many other causes when needed. Under Colombian law, mining companies are required to donate for social benefit. Mr. Erasmo Almanza, shareholder, has strong ties to the community and expects VSUS Technologies to have the full faith and support of the Town of Guaduas. Guaduas is a municipality of 35,000 people with excellent electrical and water supply and an ample workforce. URL:


Golfgear Intl (GEAR) currently at 0.02 today with a change of 14.29%. GEAR witnessed 1,530,112 shares exchanged today. Yesterday, GEAR closed at 0.0175; its 52 week range is 0.0005 - 0.18. On 11/17/2011 @ 2:54PM, GEAR issued a press release “GolfGear International, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Controlling Interest in Western Sierra Mining Corp.”. You can read the full press release by clicking GEAR penny stock news.

GEAR Company Summary: GolfGear International Inc. has recently altered its business strategy to include gold and silver mining, providing financing for gold and silver mining projects, and precious metals processing and refining.

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