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Any improvements that help clinical staff to be more effective, or reduce waste within the hospital supply chain, must be considered as key objectives within the healthcare sector.

A poorly understood and often unappreciated process, logistics accounts for a sizable portion of a hospital’s operating budget. Studies have shown that from 30%-46% of hospital expenses are invested in various logistical activities, and that almost half of the costs associated with supply chain processes could be eliminated through the use of better practices.

In hospitals, logistics cover not just support services such as purchasing, stores and the pharmacy, but also health care services such as patient care units and operating rooms. Many activities that could be carried out by support personnel are often on the list of duties performed by health care personnel. The result is that the internal supply chain within a hospital is often highly fragmented.

This is where CSOC attempts to step in, and why we are putting this company on everyone’s radars for tomorrow’s trading session! Make sure you also check out the news CSOC released after the closing bell.

CSOC - Caduceus Systems Inc

The focus of Caduceus Systems (CSOC) is to deliver significant improvements in the ability of hospital facilities, networks, and other healthcare organizations to optimize the processes and work flows associated with hospitals materials management information systems and reduce the costs related to inventory and supply chain management.

CSOC likes to do 4 things with hospitals:

  • Drive down costs
  • Improve patient care and safety
  • Increase efficiency
  • Optimize inventory levels

Exactly how does CSOC plan to do this? With their very own Caduceus Materials Management Information System (CMMIS)

The CMMIS is an advanced application software solution for requisitioning, procurement, receipt, handling, distribution, and charge capture of supply and asset inventory control in a healthcare facility. CSOC can provide hospitals with this software to make everyone’s lives a little easier.

Not only can this software reduce the incidence and costs associated with rush deliveries and emergency ordering, but they can also reduce inventory and increase inventory turnover.

As for “who, what, when, and where”, you can answer all of these questions with this software, in addition to the movement and consumption of each supply item

According to the American Hospital Association, there are currently 5,754 hospitals in the U.S. In total, their yearly expenses add up to over $750B! CSOC is attempting to become a part of that huge figure!

The recent news from CSOC is also spells out one thing: expansion! CSOC just released news after the closing bell today which means one thing - tomorrow is the first day the market has to react to it!

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. Announces it is in M&A and
Strategic Partnership Talks with Philippines-based Ascendant Technologies

BIRMINGHAM, England - Mar 20, 2012 - Caduceus Software Systems Corp. is pleased to announce that the Company is engaging in strategic partnership negotiations with Ascendant Technologies Inc., a software and distribution company, (a private Medical MMS firm) whereby, Ascendant Technologies Inc., and Caduceus Software Systems are discovering company synergies in order to expand and grow both company’s products throughout the UK and the Philippines.

Following Caduceus Software Systems’ ongoing due diligence and assessment of Ascendant Technologies Inc., it is anticipated that a formal distribution agreement can be executed by both parties within a reasonable time frame.

Once an agreement is reached, this will allow Caduceus Software Systems to further expand its sales potential throughout the South East Asia region. “Caduceus Software Systems is excited to have this opportunity to embark on its plan of Company growth in the Philippine health care industry,” said, Derrick Gidden President and Chief Executive Officer.

You can read the full press release here.

We’ve also included an annotated chart for your reference. Just one look at this chart says “bounce potential”, and you know how good we are at recognizing bounce opportunity on these low priced stocks!

Make sure you are watching CSOC tomorrow. We could be looking at tomorrow’s number one trade opportunity!

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