Watch Out: TOFS Is Our New Sub Penny Play !

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Good evening readers and welcome new subscribers !

Let’s get right to it ! Our new sub penny alert is:

TOFS - 247MGI, Inc.

TOFS is a sub penny company trading at just .0015 per share !

TOFS is a one-stop media and advertising company that assists its clients by creating marketing materials utilizing technology driven media formats for the distribution of information worldwide.

TOFS utilizes the Internet to deliver its content more efficiently and at a higher standard than its competition. TOFS has developed and continues to create unique programs to include “LIVE” as well as streaming video content which will be delivered through the web and via satellite.

The company’s most recent press release has us on the edge of our seats awaiting their next update. The press release is filled with great information, and the following excerpts from the article are the reasons we are keeping TOFS high on our watchlist through the remainder of the month.

“247MGI Moves One Step Closer to Closing Merger”

The PR from August 12th states that TOFS:

  • “wanted to be in a position to begin working on them once the Merger is complete.”
  • “will reduce the Authorized shares of Common stock to 1,600,000,000″ over the coming weeks
  • “has no plans for any type of share restructuring for its Common stock.”
  • “pledges to its Shareholders NOT to increase the authorized shares of the Corporation once reduced to 1,600,000,000 without majority shareholder consent. The CEO will abstain from voting on this matter so the decision is left up to the individual shareholders.”

You can read the full press release here.

Annotated Chart:

Add TOFS to your radar right now ! TOFS may have an exciting week or two ahead of it !

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