CNUV Deserves A Second Look !

| August 15, 2011

Tonight we are revisiting a previous winner !

CNUV - China Nuvo Solar Energy, Inc.

Two weeks ago, we alerted CNUV at this level and it ran over 40% the very next day. Could we witness something similar tomorrow ? CNUV has retraced near our initial alert price, making this play even more attractive.

CNUV is an OTCQB company (the highest OTC tier) and has been keeping investors up to date with weekly press releases over the last couple of months.

CNUV owns a unique patent pending solar cell technology based on photovoltaic cells with integral light-transmitting wave guides in a ceramic sleeve. The advantage of this technology is that less exposed surface area is required to generate electricity.

CNUV acquired the exclusive worldwide licensing rights to this solar cell technology from, Inc in June 2006. and in January 2008 purchased that technology. The technology consists of multi-layer photovoltaic cells incorporating integral light-transmitting materials that act as wave guides in directing light to targeted areas.

Patent Information

The Company’s photovoltaic cells consist of:

  • An initial semiconductor layer, comprised of N type semiconductor material having a top surface and a bottom surface. Light-transmitting particles are interspersed within the N type semiconductor material.
  • A second semiconductor layer, consisting of P type semiconductor material having a top surface and a bottom surface. Light-transmitting particles are interspersed within the P type semiconductor material. The top surface of the second layer is in direct physical and electrical contact with the bottom surface of the first layer to form an N-P junction.
  • The generation of electrical current from the lower N-P junctions of a stacked multi-layer photovoltaic cell results from the transmission of light through each semiconductor layer to the lower semiconductor layers. As a result, photovoltaic cells are produced which exhibit greater current-generating capacity for a given surface area of sunlight exposure.
  • The technology utilizes light-transmitting materials reduced to a powder form, typically through grinding the material to a size of 5 micrometers to 150 micrometers, followed by a further reduction in the particle size to 400 to 800 nanometers.


CNUV has been making higher lows since June.

Latest News

Aug. 11, 2011 - China Nuvo Solar Target Acquisition SurgLine Announces Agreement With Western U.S. Distributor

CNUV “announced that SurgLine, Inc. has signed an agreement with Tandem Receivable Solutions to a western distributorship. Tandem, working as an Independent Revenue and Contracting Consultant, is committed to assisting the Company from sales through collections for their clients and facilities nationwide.”

Read the full press release here.

Aug. 8, 2011 - China Nuvo Solar Target Acquisition SurgLine Delivers First Orders to OptiMedical Corp.

CNUV “announced that SurgLine, Inc. has delivered their first orders to one of their stocking distributers, OptiMedical Corp. (“OptiMedical”) of Simi Valley, California. OptiMedical is a distributor of orthopedic, spine and ENT products selling into hospitals and surgery centers.”

Read the full press release here

We cannot wait to see what CNUV brings us this time around ! More press, higher lows, and a retracement back to support could be the recipe for a great trade opportunity.

 Add CNUV to your watchlist right now !

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