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We always like to keep our trading universe open and continually educating.  Today we are introducing to you a very solid nickel priced trade that has a lot to brag about.

Municipal and state/provincial budgets are handcuffed due to official mismanagement and dwindling tax receipts. As a consequence, some large scale infrastructure projects are the sole ambition of the only capable client – national governments. Today’s trading highlight is a Clean Tech company that seeks to efficiently capitalize on the energy and water industries with exciting new technologies.

CWET – Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc


CWET is a leading alternative energy project and technology development company. Their core objective and focus is to become a leading provider of clean efficient green energy to the world communities at a reasonable cost without the destructive residuals of fossil fuel.  In doing so, CWET will continually generate innovative technological solutions for today and tomorrow’s electrical power needs.


CWET’s main operating subsidiary company is known as Clean Wind Energy IncCWET has designed and is preparing to develop, and construct large “Downdraft Towers” that use benevolent, non-toxic natural elements to generate electricity and clean water economically by integrating and synthesizing numerous proven as well as emerging technologies.


In addition to constructing Downdraft Towers in the United States and abroad, the Company intends to establish partnerships to spread these systems and meet increasing global demand for clean water and electricity. Clean Wind has assembled a team of experienced business professionals, engineering and scientific consultants with access to the breakthrough energy research upon which this technology is founded and the proven ability to bring the idea to market.


What Patents does CWET have and what are the implications?


Clean Wind has filed several patents that the Company believes will further enhance this potentially revolutionary technology.  Most recently, the company released abombshell statement on July 23rd. CWET shares were just given a tremendous jolt of credibility and potentially lucrative future valuations. U.S. Pat. No. 8,120,191 now belongs to CWET shareholders.  Management considers this patent to be a “core patent” providing a significant barrier to entry for any potential competitor.


This is HUGE for CWET shareholders as the company marches towards its goals to maximize the capture and utilization of all available wind energy in any given wind tunnel, as well as providing a consistency of power output during any deviations in wind speed.


When you create barriers to entry and position your company’s assets as a mainframe for future Wind Industry device applications, you situate your investors to be rewarded immensely – Clean Tech is the future of America’s energy allocations and having patents for such significant industries and applications may lead to monstrous licensing, royalty, and manufacturing agreements outside of pure project developments.


What is the state of the Arizona Tower Project?


CWET won shareholders over in Late May with this announcement.


A second and final hearing on the zoning resulted in a unanimously favored voting in favor of zoning a parcel of land within the San Luis City limits for the construction of Clean Wind Energy’s innovative green renewable energy Downdraft Tower Facility.  The decision paves the way for the entitlement to develop a second Tower on the subject property.


What are the incredible effects of such a vote and project?


CWET Shareholders rejoiced in knowing  “the company anticipates that during the Downdraft Tower’s construction phase, 2,500 construction and transportation jobs and 1,000 manufacturing jobs will be created. Once placed in service, each Tower should generate 1,000 permanent jobs.


The San Luis location incorporates plans for two (2) Downdraft Towers and a component parts Assembly Plant.


As designed, the Company anticipates that each Downdraft Tower could generate enough electricity to power up to 1,600,000 homes?


How many 5 cent stocks are generating THIS much job growth, alternative energy, and future shareholder value?  They are far and few between! CWET is truly an exotic breed and hard to find.


How does the patented technology benefit and position itself within the energy industry?


Clean Wind believes that the Downdraft Tower will be capable of recapturing and recycling the vast majority of the water used to create the downdraft. This water may be returned to be reused in the Downdraft Tower or diverted for local potable water.  CWET “anticipates that each Downdraft Tower will be capable of generating up to 1,200 megawatts per hour of salable electricity to the grid.  One megawatt equates to 1,000,000 watts or 1,000 kilowatts of electricity. Currently, avoided costs per kilowatt in California are running approximately $0.11 per kilowatt hour.”


Why would one choose CWET’s alternative energy  – particularly for wind and water?


Let us take a look at the TOWER per the CWET home site.  A few modern benefits stick out making CWET a viable and necessary part of an Energy Plan going forward.


  • The Downdraft Tower has capability of being operated with virtually no carbon footprint, fuel consumption, or waste production.
  • Technology has the potential to generate clean, cost effective and efficient electrical power without the damaging effects caused by other sources

The product’s capacity and availability hours make it coveted brand – “The annual capacity factor for the downdraft portion of the Energy Tower is predicted atapproximately 51%. Prime production periods are daytime and evening during spring, summer and fall, which closely align with electricity demand patterns. However, theExternal Wind Capture keeps working 24/7, whenever a wind is blowing, including cold winter months and at night. Its capacity factor is estimated at approximately75%, which raises the Energy Tower’s overall capacity factor to above 60%!!!!


A company that can create JOBS at home is going to have an easier time winning government contracts, subsidies, grants, and corporate/public favor. The Economic Benefits of CWET are just another reason to enjoy this company’s present and future.  The Downdraft Tower will be constructed using conventional materials, equipment and techniques, and associated industries.  CWET tower site areas will benefit significantly from the creation of professional jobs, manufacturing, and construction and transportation jobs.  These ingredients can be crucial in having the federal and state governments on your side.


The Clean Wind Energy downdraft tower is a U.S. based invention that will provide clean renewable energy at a cost more favorable than nuclear plants with no negative impacts to our planet.


You can educate yourselves on the Operation and Construction of the CWET Tower with the relative videos.


CWET Technical Analysis



CWET is on the heels of a recent breakout to $0.08! The Daily Chart saw the 20SMA CROSS the 50SMA in Mid-July leading to an outright price explosion of nearly 200% gains from around $0.03 and lower to highs of $0.08.


RSI reached Overbought in the 80s last week, and CWET NOW SITS PRETTY for a potentially textbook 2nd wave equity run-up!  Support is at ~$.04 at the 20SMA, and Resistance appears NON-EXISTENT until the 200SMA at ~$.09.  RSI remains bullish over 50 at ~53 since the pullback, MACD remains positive, and liquidity has been growing since early July.


CWET is in a tremendous position from a TA stance, and the future growth applications of the patented technology and corporate vision have the financial backing and government praise. This is a ton to smile about for a 5 cent stock so gains may be in the near forecast!


Make sure you’re watching CWET tomorrow!


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