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Hello readers ! I hope you had a great weekend. We’re hoping to start the week off strong with a company we’ve never featured before. This company’s last price is just .038 ! We have reason to believe that this same company will be the subject of many other newsletters today and tomorrow. Make sure you are watching this one today !


Today’s alert is:


WSHE - E-Debit Global Corporation



You can visit the company’s website at

About WSHE

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada E-Debit Global has a history originated on it’s nationwide automated teller machine and point of sale networks. Powered by ACI Worldwide’s On Demand™ Solution and its BASE24-eps™ payments platform of application software for the electronic payments marketplace, E-Debit Global provides one of technologies most advanced single source, end to end transaction and payment processing solutions in Canada.

One of eighty-three member organizations within the Canadian Interac Association, E-Debit Global securely acquires, authenticates, routes, switches, authorizes and settles financial transactions across multiple channels whether the choice of payment is gift card, debit or prepaid card or credit card. E-Debit’s strategic focus is on delivering innovative transaction processing related products and solutions to empower both Cardholders and Merchants with access to the expanding world of internet e-commerce, card not present transactions and mobile commerce.

WSHE’s secure infrastructure is fully PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliant from end to end in its protection of customer and merchant payment card information and strives to exceed PCI’s worldwide information security standard.

WSHE’s Distribution Network

Since WSHE’s inception in 1998, the company has promised to deliver the best in non-bank supplied financial products to merchants and businesses. With the introduction of their affordable and profitable automated teller machines ("ATM"), WSHE has grown to become one of the largest distribution networks across Canada.

E-Seven International

Through WSHE’s partnership with E-Seven International Corp., as E-Debit Global’s exclusive sales and marketing agency WSHE has opened up a powerful income business opportunity in the development of their 2nd generation distribution network. This unique marketing relationship provides non-conventionally supplied "Guaranteed Industry Best Products and Services" at "Guaranteed Industry Best Pricing" with a very transparent and easy to understand compensation plan delivered to their expanding and growing network of Independent Distributors and Sales Representatives.

WSHE distributors receive the following benefits:

  • Product servicing fees
  • Up line network commissions
  • Ongoing monthly residuals
  • Network development sponsorship commissions
  • Bonus pool participation

Now let’s take a second to understand how being PCI Compliant makes WSHE that much better than the rest

Bob Russo, general manager of the PCI Security Standards Council. (Credit: PCI Security Standards Council)

Below is an Interview with the Gen Manager PCI Counsel.

The term is heard more and more frequently these days as data breaches at merchants like TJX, parent of TJMaxx, and payment processors Heartland Payment Systems and RBS WorldPay land millions of card records in the hands of hackers. Criminals are using the data to make purchases and withdraw money from accounts of unsuspecting victims who did nothing wrong; they just owned a card.

It’s a huge and growing problem.  

More than 80 percent of data stolen in breaches is payment card data, according to the 2009 Verizon Business Data Breach Report.

Interviewer: There have been a number of big data breaches lately. Were the companies PCI compliant or not in those cases?

  • Russo: It’s been our experience that none of the breaches that occurred have been compliant at the time of the breach. Becoming compliant with the standard is pretty much a snapshot in time. An assessment company would come in and go through all those requirements and check that this stuff is in place. If everything is in place they issue a report on compliance. It is then your responsibility as a merchant to maintain that compliance. If there are new patches to come out for the operating system you have to install those. One piece we ask for is that you turn the logging on. Forensics find all the information in the logs so we insist you turn the logging on. Except, if nobody ever looks at these logs and they’re sending out alerts, what good is it? It’s up to the merchant to make sure they stay in compliance and that they are secure. For each of those [big public] breaches credit card companies looked at the logs [and found] that none of them was compliant at the time of the breach.

Interviewer: What is your ultimate take-away message for readers?

  • Russo: Ultimately they need to make sure the merchants they’re dealing with are PCI compliant. And if you’re a merchant you really have to be careful because consumers are getting smarter and smarter and if they find out you are not protecting their data, credit card data or personal data, they’re going to walk away. And that’s going to be the downfall of your business.

Read more at:

“Bottom-line is…If the Payment Processor isn’t Compliant then you, the Consumer, nor the Merchant is safe.”

Recent Headlines:

May 20, 2011 - E-Debit Global Corporation Commences National Leasing Program Roll Out

May 17, 2011 - E-Debit Global Corporation Initiates Switching Transition from Analog to Digital Communication

May 13, 2011 - E-Debit Global Corporation Commences Discussion With Atticus Financial Group to Roll Out National Leasing Program

Why WSHE, Why Now?

  • WSHE has been releasing news consistently and we believe we are way overdue.
  • WSHE has consistently realized small up-ticks prior to NEWS, which leads us to enter next week in expectation.
  • This company is in a market where they are 1 of only 83 Payment Processors who are up to code in compliance in ALL OF CANADA! (No option but to make money or get bought by a big fish.)
  • WSHE has pulled back from their last run and after its pullback appears to be positioned to have large potential for another 100-200% run.
  • WSHE is producing strong Revenues already with 3.9 MLN dollars in 2010.
  • WSHE has already reported nearly 900K in revenues during the first Quarter of 2011.

As you can see, there are many reasons why we like WSHE for today’s trading session.


WSHE is set to start our week off strong ! We are high news watch; the company has a history of big moves, and other newsletters could possibly be making this their featured play as well. Level 2 quotes will be posted on our twitter throughout the day.


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