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| July 12, 2011



Good evening readers and welcome new subscribers ! This morning we put three companies on our watchlist and they were ALL winners ! I would have to write over 60 personal "Your Welcome" emails if I was to respond to everyone, so I will use this time to collectively say YOU'RE WELCOME. The bullet points below summarizes our 3 watchlist plays from this morning.

  • CDOI - We told you that we would wait until CDOI dips before we start a position, and it went exactly as planned ! CDOI traded as low as .062 in the morning and reached .075 soon after representing a possible gain of 21% !
  • TBBC - As we said this morning, TBBC is high on our promo watchlist. TBBC closed at its high of day of $1.32. We look forward to what's in store for TBBC as time goes on.
  • MGON - MGON was in every chat or forum we could find today. Traders everywhere were fond of MGON's reinstatement and low share count; just remember - you heard it here first ! MGON opened at .0089 and traded as high as .018 representing an intraday gain of 100% !

After the huge response today, we will continue to keep an eye out for more daily plays like today.


OK, enough gloating ! Let's focus our attention on our new alert. This company is rumored to be a part of a large awareness campaign, and we're one of the first groups to have it on our radar's.




This company’s revolutionary approach brings businesses’ social media networks together under one turn them into a marketing and sales goldmine.

This is an industry breakthrough—yet BIZZ is trading for just $0.73 as of today's close

Watch this subscriber-only video to get an idea as to why BIZZ may be a potential winner.

Social media is being hailed as the “second Internet”, but this time around the high tech companies are smarter and more experienced.

Social media networking is so popular that it’s become the number one activity on the web. There’s money to potentially be made with an investment in the right social media company—but there are only a handful of public companies that I am aware of and BIZZ, which has gone public under the radar, is one of them—and it’s trading for pennies on the dollar.

To understand how huge the second coming of the Internet is, take a look at the recent activity of social media companies to see the potential value to your portfolio:

  • LinkedIn IPO’d at $45 and quickly shot to $122.70
  • Facebook is valued at $70 billion—double its valuation at the end of 2010
  • Google recently offered $6 billion for Groupon in a rejected buyout…but now Groupon is projected to reach a valuation of $30 billion at its IPO.

Expected to explode with more growth, this is leading to tremendous investment opportunities in social media companies like Bizzingo (BIZZ).

Click here to learn more about BIZZ


Make sure BIZZ is on your radar for tomorrow's trading session and the rest of the week ! Level 2 quotes will be posted on our Twitter throughout the morning.


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