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The world of penny stocks is filled with millions of investors, daytraders, business owners, and people claiming they have the next hot stock pick. I encourage you to take a moment to go over what has to offer. The goal of is catching stock promoters off guard. If you are new to all of this - let me explain how stock promotion works !

A stock promoter is someone who is compensated to advertise a certain company to their subscribers. Often, these promotions are coupled with news and above average volume, resulting in wonderful trading opportunities. Let us be clear: We have nothing against stock promoters ! The goal of is to use our resources to catch these promotions early, and before the promoters alert their members. Immense gains could be made with this strategy, and has a proven method to success, catching on average 1 promotion early a week.

[testimonial]“When I first started trading penny stocks I was overwhelmed by the amount of newsletters there were. has quickly become my one-stop shop for promotion and momentum plays. My gains have varied anywhere from 50 - 500% on their momentum and early-promo alerts. - Mike C

“I traded QTXB from .09 to .19 in under 10 minutes and made $1000 less commission. Hats off to” - Justin S

“I cannot get enough of these promo watchlist emails. I subscribe to over 75 newsletters and no one’s weekly watchlist compares to the likes of Thank you for allowing me to give my opinion on your site” - Shane C

When you subscribe to, you will be put on our email list with hundreds of other traders like you waiting for the next play. You will receive on. average 1-3 emails a week. The frequency of our emails depends on many things, including rumors among the market, news at that point in time, and where most of the money is currently going toward.

[bigbox]Chart of recent promotion:

HHWW was part of a large scale promotion. Starting on November 9th, 2010 (you can even see the first spike on this date) and ending on December 10th, 2010. This promotion resulted in gains of over 200% for the early birds. caught wind of this around $1.20

Around December 7th (a large volume spike) is when the rest of the herd followed and it finally reached the local online newsletters. This is where subscribers really saw there shares (purchased under $1.50) really start to see some upside


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Not only do we catch promotions early, we also try to alert one sub penny stock a week. These sub penny plays are extremely volatile and a favorite of our subscribers. We are talking about gains of over 500% within minutes, with 100% swings happening in minutes.

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