PennyStockRumors - Tuesday 6/7 Watchlist

| June 7, 2011



Good morning readers !


Yesterday's alert, BZRT, opened at .129 (about 20% from the previous close). After BZRT filled its gap, it dropped to a new low and the proceeded to make its way back to .129 providing us with 10-15% in intraday gains.


BZRT provided relatively small chances to make money on the day of our alert, but that will not change the way we feel about it. They appear to be working on a very lucrative project in an undeniably hot sector, and we are still curious to see if future announcements affect the trading activity.


The following 3 companies are on our watchlist today:

  • BNXR - unusual trading activity
  • LEHMQ released favorable lawsuit news within the last 24 hours, and may provide us with a great daytrading opportunity. We suggest you are careful with this one as LEHMQ already jumped from .05 to .09 yesterday.
  • TBBC traded as high as 1.50 + on rumors of a large scale stock promotion. Since then, impatient traders have exited their position and TBBC is trading almost 35% from its highs. If TBBC starts to show any strength (again) we will be re-entering, hopefully for the real run. If TBBC falls below $1.00, our desire to trade it will be lost.

Stay tuned for our next alert !


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