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After today’s watchlist success, we are proud to introduce you to our new sub penny alert:

MWIP - Mediswipe, Inc.

MWIP is an OTCQB company trading for just .0042 per share, add it to your radar immediately!

MWIP offers a full spectrum of secure and reliable transaction processing and security solutions for the medical and healthcare industries. They offer many options including traditional, Internet point of sale, e­‐commerce and mobile (wireless) payment solutions. MWIP also offers digitized personal health records in conjunction with Industry Alliance Partners. MediSwipe offers reliable merchant payment solutions and closed loop pre-­paid stored value and loyalty cards to these regulated and e-­commerce businesses specializing within the healthcare sector.

Just how big of a market is MWIP catering to ? Well in 2009, the United States federal, state and local governments, corporations and individuals, together spent $2.5T, or about $8,047 per person on health care ! This amount represented 17.3% of the GDP. You can read more about these figures here.

MWIP is a leader in credit card processing and merchant account services; providing experience, security, contemporary services, and superior support to medical businesses and niche businesses nationwide.

When a business chooses MWIP as their merchant services partner, they can start accepting credit cards from all major credit card issuers almost immediately. In addition, MWIP’s advanced merchant account services offer more than just competitive prices; they offer fast and reliable service.

MWIP provides a credit card payment gateway, allowing a medical dispensary to clear all major credit cards against very competitive rates.

Benefits of MWIP’s services:

  • Credit card processing -­‐ fast, efficient, safe processing
  • Secure transactions -­‐ secure wireless and online solutions
  • Global commerce -­‐ do business worldwide
  • E-­‐commerce solution -­‐ harness the power of the web
  • Cannabis transactions -­‐ safe and secure

Medical Marijuana Industry: A report released in March 2011 shocked the investor community with staggering numbers for the industry ! MedicalMarijuanaMarkets.com claims to have released “The First Ever Investor-­‐Grade Analysis of the Medical Marijuana Markets”.

Medical marijuana is now a $1.7 billion market, according to a new report released by See Change Strategy LLC, an independent financial analysis firm that specializes in new and unique markets.

Industry totals are a great way to get a scope of potential a company may have, but where does MWIP fit into all of this? An excerpt from the report reads “Hundreds of businesses exist” related to the medical marijuana industry. We already know MWIP has established clients for their payment system, which was developed specifically for medical service companies. MWIP already has their foot in the door of a $1.7B market !

You can read more about the medical marijuana industry here.

Similar Companies: MWIP is a payment processing company that specializes in the healthcare sector. MWIP is also a smaller company trading for less than .01 per share! Let’s take a look at how leading companies in this business are doing.

Heartland Payment Systems, Inc (NYSE:HPY) – HPY specializes in payment systems in the healthcare sector (similar to MWIP). Here is an excerpt from their website. “With Heartland Payment Systems…empowers you to revolutionize your operations with a comprehensive suite…including the first-­‐ever unified payments processing platform for the healthcare industry.”
HPY has climbed back from $4 to $20 per share in less than 3 years and has a market cap just under $800M.
Total System Services, Inc. (NYSE:TSS) -­‐ Total System Services, Inc. is a global payment solutions provider. When TSS first traded, shares could be had for 25 cents per share ! TSS is now trading for $17 per share and has a market cap of around $190M.
A company offering one and only one type of service is not considered a safe business plan by most. MWIP doesn’t turn away companies that aren’t in the healthcare/medical dispensary industry.
MWIP can also provide services for:
  • Retail Establishments (in person credit card swipe)
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Hotels, Motels and Lodging
  • Mail And Telephone based businesses
  • Home Based Businesses
Recent News:
Aug 22, 2011 ­‐ MediSwipe Inc. Files 10Q Financials for Second Quarter 2011 and Announces Additional Merchant Agreements for Wellness Centers and Internet Businesses -­‐ MediSwipe Signs New Merchant Contracts for Over $150,000 in Monthly Processing Volume

MediSwipe Inc. , and its wholly owned subsidiary 800 Commerce, a leading company specializing in merchant payment solutions and financial products for the medical health care industries and mobile payment industry, today announced that the company has filed its 10Q financials for the second quarter 2011, and signed new merchant services agreements the first week of August for wellness centers and Internet businesses exceeding $1M in annual gross processing volume.

You can read the full press release here.

Aug. 11, 2011, ‐ MediSwipe Inc. Announces Plans to Retire 36 Million Shares to Treasury Reducing Outstanding Shares Over Ten Percent (10%)

MediSwipe Inc…announced plans to retire thirty six million (36) common shares to the Company’s treasury that will be sent to the transfer agent for retirement. …This retirement represents over ten percent (10%) of the current outstanding share count held by the parent Company. MediSwipe believes the retirement of these shares benefits the Company and all shareholders by reducing the number of outstanding shares and lowering dilution.

You can read the full press release here.

It’s not hard to see the potential MWIP provides as a trade idea. Every “ingredient” above could combine for an explosive alert. Stay tuned for further updates on MWIP. Check out MWIP’s annotated chart.

Add MWIP to your radar right now ! Level 2 quotes will be posted on our Twitter throughout the day.

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