SPQS Is Today’s Bottom Bounce Alert !

| May 4, 2011

Good morning readers and welcome new subscribers ! This morning we’re introducing a severely beaten down play that recently fell from 15 cents to just over 1 cent per share ! We can’t speak for everyone, but a 90% drop in value leaves one thought in our mind - bounce opportunity ! We’d also like you to put this alert on extremely high news watch. This company has a history of releasing big news and the “rumors” we’re hearing lead us to believe another announcement may be on the horizon.

Make sure you check out the annotated chart toward the bottom of this email, as the bottom bounce opportunity is the leading reason for our alert !

SPQS - SportsQuest, Inc.

SportsQuest, Inc. engages in the creation, development, ownership, and management of sports events and their operating entities. The company is in the process of executing a growth strategy involving acquisition of diverse and effective sports marketing platforms.

One of SportsQuests subsidiaries is Fielding Eyewear “The world leader in camouflage sunglasses and camo eyewear accessories.”

You can visit their website at http://www.fieldingeyewear.com/

Fielding is the world leader in manufacturing camouflage eyewear & accessories and has made a name for itself with a number of patented and trademarked products including camo eyewear retainers, camo sunglasses, camouflage shooting glasses, camo microfiber cloths & cases and other eyewear accessories.Sportsquest execs are thrilled with the prospects of this new development and feel that successive achievements will follow in line with discussions currently under wraps.Announcements and details are forthcoming as the company works aggressively in a strategic manner to further build the Fielding Eyewear brand.

SPQS Annotated Chart:


Recent News:

April 29, 2011 - Sportsquest, Inc.’s Fielding Eyewear Secures Lincensing agreement with Hass Outdoors Inc./Mossy Oak to Introduce High Definition Mossy Oak CamoReaders

  • Sportsquest, Inc.’s Fielding Eyewear announces today that the company has finalized a licensee agreement with Hass Outdoors pairing their new Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity(r) camouflage pattern to introduce the world’s first high-definition camo reading glasses. The Mossy Oak(r) CamoReaders(tm) will be available in standard diopters/powers and have optical quality features like scratch resistant acrylic lenses and spring hinges.Sportsquest execs are confident that the new addition will offer consumers cutting-edge technology with unparalleled aesthetic appeal toward additional revenues and brand expansion.The product line includes two designer frame styles which will be offered in either solid camo colors or 2-Tone colors. Each pair of CamoReaders(tm) will include a free protective case and a free microfiber camo cleaning cloth. They will be marketed, in addition to other strategies as the ideal gift for hunters, fisherman, and outdoors-men. Recent reports show that performance eyewear has been growing at a mid single-digit average annual rate (in both dollars and units), with the premium-priced segment growing at more than twice the rate of the rest of the market.
  • Read the full press release here.

April 27, 2011 - Sportsquest, Inc. Acquires Specialty Wholesaler in Billion Dollar Eyewear Industry

  • SPQS has finalized the deal announced last week as in discussions. Sportsquest, Inc. Execs announce today that it has acquired specialty eyewear wholesaler, Fielding Eyewear, the world leader in camouflage sunglasses and camo eyewear accessories. Sportsquest is confident the acquisition ensures the company an ever-evolving niche product line, sustainable growth and immediate revenue stream within the $64 billion eyewear industry.
  • Read the full press release here.

Make sure SPQS is on your news radar. We can’t find a clear reason for a 90% price drop, so we’re calling a technical bottom bounce play here. As always, Level 2 quotes will be posted on our Twitter. This is our last play of the week so let’s have some fun !

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