How Our Trading Tips Rewarded $AVOP Traders With 200% Gains

admin | January 20, 2011

Hello readers !

We want to let you know how our article, , was able to book traders with easy 200% profits yesterday !

AVOP closed Tuesday at 1 cent. We noticed AVOP on our “Dump the Run” screener when .003 was on the ask (the stock was down 70%). Personally, we thought this was a good buy with 3 MM’s sitting on the bid at .0025, and 1 MM on the ask of .003. We took our chances and bought 500,000 shares at this price.

AVOP then started to drop some more, and market maker BMAS sat at .0025 on the ask. Here is a screenshot of the time and sales, which shows you how quickly this stock dropped from .003 to .0025:

We then noticed unusual volume hitting this sub penny market maker, and we instantly recognized what was going on. This was most likely a planned tactic. We saw multiple 5,000,000 share orders hitting at .0025 and no movement (yet). The market marker would not budge. We decided that if there was ever a time to gamble, it would be NOW. We purchased an additional 500,000 shares at .0025 bringing our share count to 1 million shares at an average of .00275.

Here are screenshots of all of the .0025′s that went through during this time (Look at the time and sales, there are some overlaps. Click the image to view it full size !)

As soon as BMAS left the ask, the stock started to move. AVOP quickly hit .004

Like most, we took our profits and walked away with a gain over over $1000

AVOP then dipped back to .0028 (it never went to .0025 the rest of the day) and started on another uptrend. The stock then hit .005 this time around, representing a gain of 100% from where most traders got in.


Something that usually happens during off hours occured. AVOP released news. The stock saw immense volume and the traded as high as .0077 ! A gain of over 200% from current levels ! Here is a mini chart of the day where you can easily see the drop, the huge volume at .0025, the initial bounce, and what effect news had on this stock:

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