$TMHO - Company Profile !

Our newly highlighted company is TMHO – Talisman Holdings, Inc.

TMHO is a pinksheets, current information holding company, which currently owns two subsidiaries:  Advanced Organic Products Worldwide, Inc., and Chef Selections, Inc.

Advanced Organic Products, or AOP, produces white label high quality all-natural fresh fish organic liquid fertilizer. You can visit their website at http://www.aopww.com/ . “The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that the total world demand for agricultural products will be 60% higher in 2030 than it is today.” AOP, “with its technology partner,  has developed a proprietary process for the conversion of fish remains into organic protein rich liquid fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide products, through the organic process known as hydrolysis, which has changed that thinking. Hydrolysis sounds complex, but it is just a process to turn fish into fertilizer. The old method of “fish emulsion” is a heat process that destroys many of the natural ingredients and totally destroys the amino acids. It also smells terrible. Hydrolyzed, on the other hand, means cold processed. It is far superior in that all the nutrients are saved, it helps to keep the soil balanced, and, in fact, improves soil quality just like an amendment.”

“AOP organic fish fertilizer encourages more natural, unforced growth. It will enhance the hardiness, taste and keeping quality of all fruits and vegetables. Plants drawing on nutrients released by the organic cycle will be more resistant to pests and diseases. This is accompanied by significant yield increases, with the best prices in the industry.”

According to the company, fertilizer “has a staggering value figure of $150,000,000,000. Fertilizers are currently responsible for between 40 and 60% of the world’s food supply. They are necessary to replenish our soil. Natural nutrients are removed with harvested crops and help provide nutritional value to the food we eat. These nutrients must be replaced to ensure each year’s crop grows a nutritious supply of food.”

TMHO also owns Chef Selections, Inc. “The food and beverage industry is a gigantic $650 billion per year business in the U.S. American families spend an average of approximately $4,452 per year on foods. The fastest growing segment of the industry is specialty food sales. Specialty foods are premium products with an emphasis on high quality ingredients, outstanding taste, and quality packaging. It has been estimated that specialty foods generate over $45 billion in sales.”

“The Company has developed its sales strategies and will commence marketing in its subsidiary companies in the immediate future. With respect to Advanced Organic Products Worldwide, the Company intends to sell product through a network of already established dealers. This creates the possibility of large volume in a short period of time. In Chef Selections the Company plan calls for a strong internet-based solicitation of an “of-the-month” club of unique food delicacies.”

The tone of a press release issued 6 days ago has us reading between the lines. “ The AOP Worldwide Market Updates mentions “consolidation” multiple times in the press release. We are not saying anything definite but to us, this company seems like a “merger candidate”, and with recent “consolidations” in the fertilizer industry, we would not be surprised. It seems like it could be one of the company’s goals. One of the main reasons we like this play is because of something unrelated to the company’s physical operations. We are have heard rumors that this company will be starting a huge awareness campaign, and one of the groups that may profile the company just produced a multi day run of over 2200% to a similarly priced stock ! We will be keeping you up to date if we get any confirmation of this, but in the meantime, add TMHO to your watchlist now !

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