Anthony, from DE - My account has been up 40% in just over 2 months after subscribing to PSR. I have followed all of the big ones before, but the rush to buy was too overwhelming. With pennystockrumors.net, I have been given a little bit of extra time to evaluate a stock and make my decision to buy or not.

Michael, from PA - I never followed stock pumpers or promoters before so I gave PSR a try. Buying on rumor and selling on news really does work.

Jorelle, from TX - Bought some EPCG when you heard it was being rumored that promotions were coming the following week and you were right. Netted a 75% in 3 days.

Ryan, from MI - I was weary of your site at first but figured the $10 was worth the first month to see what you guys did. Over the following month, not only had I made enough to cover the $10, but your alerts have helped me get my account back in the green for 2010 and the month after I was seeing gains quicker than I had ever experienced. You mention several stocks throughout the week but I stuck to stocks that I sensed you guys were excited about judging by the tone of your emails. Thank you and keep it up.