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Penny Stock Watchlist

This table is updated throughout the week for anyone that wants it. We are monitoring penny stocks daily and if we see something that is worth watching, we will add it to this table.

Check back often!

TickerPrice FoundDate AddedNotes
MJNA.111/24/15Marijuana stocks to ever heat up in 2015? Long term watch.
EKSO1.301/20/15Exoskelton/robotics. Deal with Boston Scientific signed last year - who are in bed with Google.
UCO8.001/10/15Oil prices still falling. No one should expect to pick the bottom. Possible scale in over MONTHS?
PYCT.000112/20/14Dead triple zero stock. Likes to heat up once in awhile. Watching for any abnormal volume.
ZGNX1.2111/20/14FDA Decision Jan 31st - cheapest stock with FDA date.

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