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Force Energy

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As the average cost of gas nears $4.00 a gallon, more and more people turn their heads toward alternative energy sources. Companies like FORC, already in the industry, have a head start on this worldwide exploration.

FORC is a lithium and hydrocarbon exploration and development company based in Denver, Colorado. FORC caught our eye because it is well diversified in both oil and lithium!

According to the January 2010 U.S. Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries, “batteries, especially rechargeable batteries, are the market for lithium compounds with the largest growth potential. Demand for rechargeable lithium batteries continued to gain market share over rechargeable non-lithium batteries for use in cordless tools, portable computers and telephones, and video cameras. Major automobile companies were pursuing the development of lithium batteries for hybrid electric vehicles—vehicles with an internal combustion engine and a battery-powered electric motor.”

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Just yesterday, FORC issued this press release:

“Force Energy Begins Lithium and Rare Earth Minerals Exploration Program”

Force Energy Corp. (OTCBB: FORC) announced plans to commence a two-phase exploration program on the Zoro 1 property in the Snow Lake area of west-central Manitoba, Canada .

The Zoro property hosts seven rare metal spodumene-bearing pegmatite dykes, six of which have received only cursory exploration. The main mass of spodumene discovered to date is exposed in a single pegmatite dyke exposed by seven trenches. Mineralization in this dyke has not been fully delineated and a recommended exploration program will assess the potential for more spodumene zones. The geological characteristics of the remaining dykes on the property will be determined by detailed mapping and trenching followed by assay. Rare earth and precious metal contents in the pegmatite dykes, not considered during historic exploration, will also be assessed in this program.

A historic reserve estimate for Li2O has been based on limited drilling from a single dyke on the Zoro 1 property. Drill indicated spodumene reserves coupled with data from trenching have been calculated to give a total undiluted tonnage given of 1,727,550 tons at 0.945% Li2O. These results give significant encouragement to Force Energy Corp. for exploration on the property and potential future development.

The exploration program will consist of detailed geological mapping, trench rehabilitation, new sampling from the trenches, diamond drilling and a thorough assay/analytical approach, accompanied by a quality assurance and quality control program. The program will be spearheaded by Dr. Mark Fedikow Ph. D. P.Eng . P.Geo. C.P.G.

“We are extremely excited to begin our initial exploration program on the recently-acquired Zoro 1 property,” says Mr. Tim DeHerrera , president of Force Energy Corp. “The results of these initial programs will drive our corporate goals as we move forward with our new business focus of exploring and developing viable lithium and rare earth element prospects. We believe this sector offers junior exploration companies like Force excellent prospects and we are eager to continue to build shareholder value by proving up our potential reserves.”

Phase One Exploration Program: Phase One of the exploration program will consist of geologic mapping, channel sampling and assaying of the seven pegmatite dykes in order to confirm historic assay results and to determine the grade and extent of spodumene mineralization in all trenched zones. This program will proceed subsequent to planned trench rehabilitation on all trenches except the main trench where a historic grade and tonnage has been determined. Detailed geologic mapping of all trenches and the remainder of the Zoro 1 property will include tying in the locations of historic drill collars in relation to trench locations and determining the controls to the emplacement of the dykes. This will enable the Company to place the mineralized zones into geologic context and provide vectors to additional pegmatite targets and create a framework for additional exploration. Channel sampling will be undertaken to confirm historic assay results from historic trenches and determine areas of interest in advance of the Phase Two drilling program.



Phase Two will involve a 6561 foot (2,000 metre) drill program targeting key areas of interest on the property. The Company will provide details of the Phase Two program upon completion of Phase One of the exploration program.


Zoro 1 Lithium Property: The Zoro 1 property is a 52 hectare (128 acre) tract of land located near the East Shore of Wekusko Lake in west-central Manitoba, Canada. There are seven zoned pegmatite dykes on the property. The main, most westerly dyke is 4.5 to 6 m high, 27 m wide and 183 m long.

Hayter Well: Force Energy Corp. maintains a 50% working interest in County Line Energy Corp. interest in the Hayter Well (10D Hayter 10-8-40-1 W4M) located in Alberta, Canada. The well was spudded in January 2007 and drilled to a total depth. The well logs revealed a gas zone of 4 to 5 meters of thickness in a shallow zone and a heavy oil pay zone of 2 meters of thickness in the target Dina Sand zone. Although the results in the Dina sand were lower than expected and a decision was made to case the well in 2007, should prices rise in the future, the Hayter could produce an economic well.

There is no downplaying the importance of Lithium in today’s industry. Lithium is crucial in end-products such as batteries, mobile phones, ceramics, and notebook computers. As the lightest of the metals, it’s also found in strong, lightweight alloys. Lithium mixed with oil is used as an all-purpose lubricant. Lithium carbonate is a drug that is sometimes used to treat the manic depressive disorder.

Check out this article to see a comparison of Lithium batteries to other alternatives.

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