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Today I want you all to bring your attention to ECOF , Eco2 Forest Inc. I believe that an increase in awareness and pending news will help draw eyes to this company. Its low price makes it look very attractive and new investors may start hopping on board to be a piece of this green company’s history.

Yesterday, ECOF traded over 1.4million shares and closed the day up over 17%. The day low was .0062 and the day high was .0078. The 10 day average volume on ECOF is just over 1.6million, and the stock closed up 17% on below average volume. This leads us to believe that an increase in attention may help this stock continue its momentum.

The latest share structure from is as follows:

Market Value: $2,880,707 as of Dec 10, 2010
Shares Outstanding: 464,630,154 as of Aug 06, 2010
Float: 31,891,877 as of Aug 20, 2010

About ECO2 Forests:

ECO2 Forests is a progressive international forestation company focused on reforestation of previously damaged and deforested land and the saving of existing threatened forests. Revenues are intended to be created through the generation and sale of carbon credits and sustainable lumber to global markets.

ECO2 Forests has the ability to remove of huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere through projects operated under the Global Forestry Plan and use of the unique and sustainable Kiri Tree, a high CO2 sequestering tree that generates carbon credits. ECO2 Forests produces revenue by selling those carbon credits to a third party or through a carbon market. Additional revenue is created through the sale of the sustainable lumber from the Kiri Tree every 7-year harvest. The Kiri Tree then naturally re-grows after each harvest.

Kiri Trees:

Kiri is the Japanese word for Paulownia. ECO2 Forests Kiri Trees use a derivative of lineal selection from a range of sub-species within the Paulownia family. Some of the more common names of these sub-species include Empress Tree, Sapphire Princess Tree, Princess Tree, and Kawakami Tree. Young Kiri’s in their first growing season

The Kiri Tree is a deciduous hardwood and has been developed over the last 20 years.  Extremely light in color and weight yet very strong, as well as pest and disease resistant, the Kiri Tree is the ideal sustainable alternative to most forestry projects.  The Kiri Tree grows remarkably quick, typically growing 30-35 feet (10-12 meters) in the first growing season, as shown in the image on the right. After the first growth season, the leaves on a tree can grow up to a meter wide, absorbing up to ten times as much CO2 as other trees.

After 3-5 years, the Kiri reaches up to 65 feet (20 meters) on average. Often, depending on the planting matrix adopted by ECO2 Forests, every second tree will be harvested. This process allows the remaining Kiri Trees to receive more light and increase the thickness of their trunk.

Logged Kiri Tree lumber of this age is used to build sustainable housing in local communities and can also be utilized for the production of pulp and paper products.

Carbon Control:

ECO2 Forests is able to significantly assist in the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere through their Global Forestry Plan and the unique properties of its proprietary Kiri Tree, which sequesters huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. This sequestration generates carbon credits, which ECO2 Forests then sells to a third party or through a carbon market.

Recent News:

On December 9th, 2010, ECOF signed an agreement for joint ventures in Europe. Company growth is an uncommon business move in this economy, and ECOF’s move shows strength and direction.

“Under the agreement  ECO2 Forests  will be responsible for all aspects of managing and control of the Plantation which is forecast to involve the planting of 268,800  Kiri Trees  to produce 537,600 carbon credits and 113,000 tons of lumber every seven year cycle. The Kiri Tree naturally regrows after each harvest to create a truly sustainable forest and decreases the need to log existing old growth forests. The initial part of the project is forecast to deliver returns of an estimated  US$120 million in each seven year cycle.”

Read the full press release here:

Here is a chart of the Global Carbon Market taken from their website:

At the very least, add ECOF to your radar now ! More awareness the remainder of the week may positively affect the share price.

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