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admin | December 2, 2010

Good morning subscribers ! We would like to bring to your attention company flying under the radar that may provide a great trading opportunity in both the long and short term. An increase an awareness and pending news are the two maikn reasons we like this company right now. We encourage you to read this entire email before making your investment decision. The company is:

AXLX - Axiologix Education Corporation

Some quick facts on AXLX:

  • AXLX is priced at just 15 cents
  • AXLX 52 week low = .09
  • AXLX 52 week high = .29
  • Market Cap = $3,998,653

Visit the company website here: http://www.axiologix.net/

Let us say one thing about AXLX before we go on, we are aware that AXLX has a Caveat Emptor symbol on http://www.otcmarkets.com/ but we believe that this is a mistake on the website. When searching for AXLX, you can see the OTCQB logo, and when you visit the “Company Info” tab, it states:

  • Reporting Status      U.S. Registered & Reporting: SEC Filer
  • OTC Market Tier      OTCQB

AXLX has recent SEC filings (one as recent as 4 days ago) and as far as we can tell, the company is an OTCQB company ! We may be wrong, but we are just going off of what we see among other publicly available resources. Now on to the company and their technology.

Axiologix is an educational software and services provider consisting of a group of distinguished education professionals recognized for making a substantial contribution to the educational technology community. The company is now on a quest to become one of the nation’s leading partners with school systems K-12 and higher education, focused on raising student achievement through its research-based school design, uniquely aligned assessment systems, interactive professional development, integrated use of technology and other proven program features.

A short summary of each of AXLX’s offerings:

  • E*pad is an Innovative Web-Based Electronic Portfolio and Authentic Assessment Development Application. E*pad features a multimedia student portfolio for students combined with a performance assessment manager which is a research-based approach to structuring the collection, interpretation and assessment of evidence about student learning.
  • Curricuplan is an extremely easy to use web based instructional content management solution that provides secure, online access so that educators can participate in an online community which is focused on the development of high quality instruction. Using Curricuplan, educators collaborate online to design, align, share, review and reflect standards based instructional plans and resources. Curricuplan’s Peer Review Process engages peers and experts in online reflective discussions providing feedback to enhance the instructional practice.
  • Student Tracker is an Integrated Student Administration System that tracks attendance, scheduling, grading, and manages individual records for each student.
  • eBoard is an easy-to-use online service that lets any educator create a web site in just minutes. Your eBoard acts like an on-line cork board where you can post information for students and parents.

One of Axiologix’s main products is eBoard. “eBoard is an easy-to-use online service that lets any educator create a web site in just minutes. Your eBoard acts like an on-line cork board where you can post information for students and parents. Your postings show up as sticky notes, which can be opened by clicking on the note title.” Many of you may have heard of the college electronic bulletin board “Blackboard”. eBoard is like Blackboard, but much more user friendly because it targets younger people in school, grades K-12.

eBoard retails for just under $40 a year ! Making this extremely affordable for any public or private school. This product nearly sells itself.

You can test out a live example of a real eBoard here: http://www1.eboard.com/eboard/servlet/BoardServlet?ACTION=BOARD_SHOW&SITE_NAME=smithville&BOARD_NAME=MrsNewell&SESSION_ID=f90n85y0wunl2ea8040 . You can instantly tell that this software is easy to use. eBoard even allows end users (in this case, students) to upload files and submit documents (homework assignments) straight from the interface. As complicated it is sounds, the eBoard technology makes it as easy as possible so that illiterate computer users have an easy and stress free experience.

On Tuesday, AXLX announced “that the company has signed a business services agreement with Cardiff Partners. Cardiff provides a range of services including Corporate Strategy, Corporate Finance and Accounting, Transactional Advice, and Business Process Analysis . . . . “Along with building our company, doing what is best for our investors and shareholders is paramount for us,” said John Daglis, CEO of Axiologix Education Corporation. “We felt that Cardiff’s solutions are ideal for us at this time and will provide the management and accounting services we are looking for on an economical basis,” stated Daglis. “Cardiff has extensive experience in building and growing smaller public companies; we are looking forward to working with Cardiff Partners,” Daglis concluded. “We are pleased to partner with Axiologix. We are excited about the prospects of this company given the air of education reform that is sweeping the country,” said Keith Moore, Founder and Principal of Cardiff Partners, LLC.”

Read the full article here: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/axiologix-signs-business-agreement-with-cardiff-partners-2010-11-30

The market for technological advances in lower education settings is extremely large. Within the $767 billion stimulus plan that was passed in February 2009, $105.6 billion is allocated specifically to education. A substantial portion of this plan is focused on technology applications and well-rounded assessment using technology. Axiologix offers packaged on-line software licensing, consulting services, training and support, as well as other complimentary educational software tools to meet the ever growing demand.

Add AXLX to your radar now !

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