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10/21/10 Top Gainers

The following stocks provided penny stock traders with great opportunities to collect some profits today. Here is a wrap up of stocks that we felt opened up chances of making some money.

LEHMQ - LEHMQ’s trading range today was between .052 and .0935. The stock was up as high as high as 76% at the top of its run. LEHMQ closed at .076, up 45% on over 1 million dollars in volume. Here is an article on the situation behind LEHMQ, most likely the cause of this run. http://www.nasdaq.com/aspx/stock-market-news-story.aspx?storyid=201010181636dowjonesdjonline000359&title=lehman-trustee-fighting-hedge-funds-over-prime-broker-assets

PSRU - Purespectrum - PSRU’s trading range today was between .0011 and .006 ! At the peak of its run, PSRU was up as high as 445%, and ended up closing at .003, up 150%, on $41,198 volume. Follow the link below for more information on PSRU. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/PureSpectrum-Management-bw-3471614038.html?x=0&.v=1

UITK - It looks like momentum caught up to this stock today, which was up as high as 366% at one point. Stay tuned for an article that will highlight certain screeners you can run to catch these plays toward the bottom.

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