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We report on companies with upcoming catalysts or increasing momentum. We are always on the hunt for the next big penny stock and share our research in a clean and concise manner.

Chart Analysis

Say what you want, but technical analysis is a great tool to use in the small cap world. We don't compete with high frequency traders because they don't bother with the OTC/Pink markets.

Bigger Picture

We try to cater to the latest trends in the broader markets. Penny stocks closely related to blue chip industries on the run tend to get attention simultaneously.

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"Great intraday bounce call on $ERBB - the email couldn't have come at a better time."

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Many penny stock newsletters charge for monthly or yearly access. Our newsletter has and always will be free. You have nothing to lose.

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We are always on the hunt for the next big penny stock opportunity. We try to deliver one play per week, but would never send an alert just to meet such quota.

Our Member Retention Rate: 97%

We get many more members per day than we lose per week. Our members have spoken just by the amount of time they have stayed with us.

So what do you get when you sign up?

To put it simply - we send emails straight to your inbox that contain reports on exciting penny stocks. We typically release our reports at 9:30AM EST, or minutes beforehand, to ensure everyone sees it as the market opens. Sometimes we send out a report because we found a huge catalyst for a company and we believe it is worth your time; other times, we are compensated by third party companies to provide awareness on a public company! Both of these types of plays have the potential to be winners AND losers. If 2014 and 2015 have proven us anything, it is that DD (due diligence) is what matters most in today's OTC market. Is the company making money? Have they ever made money? Are they in an innovative sector or have they been slowly dwindling away? Whether we are paid to write a report, or just decide to share our opinion on a potential mover, the fact is the market decides exactly where it is going to take a stock. We've had huge winners in the past when something we discovered was finally made public. We have also had huge winners on compensated reports because the market was just overlooking a profitable company. In addition to that, we've seen both types of plays
trade downward because the fundamentals just didn't support its current price.

Our goal here is to bring you exciting reports with REAL substance behind them. We try to be as up-front as possible and will lay out the facts as we see them. We strive to deliver reports on profitable companies, doing new, exciting things. We encourage you to read every word of our reports because the resarch is there. It is up to you to decide what you're going to do next...

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