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| June 26, 2011
Good evening  readers and welcome new subscribers. Today’s alert is an SEC reporting company trading on the OTCQB. That in itself is a rarity these days. The best part about this is that it is trading at just .01 per share ! This company pursuing renewable energy acquisition projects in the U.S.’s under-explored frontier territories.Today’s alert is: 

RNRG - Revonergy, Inc.

Revonergy Inc. is engaged in the energy and mining businesses in our country’s open land.The most interesting part about RNRG’s business model is that the projects are 80% – 90% financed by governments and private equity, and virtually risk-free because risk is assigned to a third-party. Revonergy’s 10% or 20% contribution is paid back within three years, and the company ends up owning 100% of the project.

RNRG doesn’t take the majority of the financial risk, but they end up owning 100% of the project !

RNRG seeks to develop or acquire businesses or assets which it considers attractive to the investment community. Management has been involved (as principals as well as directors) in a broad array of businesses in many countries, and has an ability to find good projects, evaluate them, and find investors and financiers who would be willing to either invest or otherwise support the Company’s management financially.

One of two general areas of focus for the Company at this time is to develop a mineral prospect in Chile that appears to have the potential to become a large scale bulk gold, copper and cobalt mine. It will seek to expand its inventory of like assets in the future.

The second area of focus for the Company is to acquire existing renewable energy facilities in developed nations. The Company has identified acquisition targets in the United States that have income yields on investment greater than the Companys anticipated cost of capital.

As these projects mature and become viable as independent businesses, the Company will consider spinning off groups of like assets. Management believes that its locations, contacts, relationships and experience are well suited to support the Companys mission and business model. Management believes it can secure a high quality deal flow and arrange the capital necessary to progress.

A visit to the company’s website makes one thing very obvious - RNRG is dedicated to its “Perth Project”. The Perth Project appears to be RNRG‘s number one priority.

Perth Project:

In March 2011, Revonergy acquired a 50% earn in right from Red Metal Resources for the Perth Property and signed a Joint Venture Earn-In Agreement on the new project.

The Perth Property is 2,283 hectares (5,641 acres) consisting of six mining claims totaling 918 hectares (2,268 acres) and six exploration claims totaling 1,365 hectares (3,373 acres). The terms of Joint Venture Earn-In Agreement with Red Metal Resources Ltd is to sell up to 50% ownership of the Perth Property to Revonergy Inc in exchange for the completion of exploration programs costing at least $1.4M and a preliminary feasibility study.

The Perth Property is adjacent to the west side of the historic Carrizal Alto mine and lies approximately 3.5 kilometers north of Red Metal’s Farellon project. It is a 45 minute drive from Vallenar city, with major road access, power and water supply close by. The project lies on a similar geologic contact as the Farellon and Carrizal Alto properties.

Surface mapping and sampling records show twelve veins identified so far on the south end of the property. The veins average two meters wide but have been measured up to six meters wide. Numerous artisanal mine workings on the property have previously been exploited for both copper and gold. Exploration work so far includes property scale geological mapping and surface sampling completed in 2007 and 2008.

Significant channel sampling results were listed in the Company’s March 21, 2011 news release and showed the existence of gold, copper and cobalt. You can read it by clicking here.

RNRG was once trading 250% higher than its current price ! Check out the chart below:

RNRG is trading at just .01 per share, and just over a month ago peaked at .035. An increase in awareness from other newsletters could propel this stock upwards. RNRG also appears to be past due on corporate updates, so we suggest you add RNRG to your news radar as well. RNRG may not be quiet for much longer !

Find more info at the company’s website: http://www.revonergy.com/

Make sure you’re watching RNRG tomorrow morning !

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