$LGOV Was Up 6900% On Our Alert !

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Good evening readers and welcome new subscribers. We received over 150 new subscribers today – perhaps from our amazing momentum play today !

WOW ! We are speechless ! Please enable images in your email so that you can be AMAZED by what happened to LGOV today. As instructed last night, we encouraged you all be watching our Twitter page soon after the opening bell to catch our momentum play as early as possible. Checking our Twitter avoids possible email delays. We posted LGOV on our Twitter with 0 trades at 9:39 Eastern ! Here is a screenshot of our Tweet:


We were the first, if not second newsletter to tweet this out of our partners ! Here is a screenshot of the initial trades after our alert. LGOV started out with slow fills, then quickly skyrocketed:


By looking at that screenshot, you can see that there were 513,221 shares available within the range of .0015 and .0031. This may not seem like many shares – but lets take a look at the rest of the day which really shows the potential profits of this alert, even with small fills. Here are the time and sales of LGOV 6 minutes after our alert. This provides proof that momentume plays can be extremely volatile, and there are plenty of gains to be made if you are an extremely disciplined trader.


LGOV’s volatility did not stop there. As with most stocks that see strong upside, there is money to be made on the bounce. Here is a screenshot of the trades that went through from 10:54 to 10:57, more than 1 hour after our initial alert. There were many shares to be had under 1 cent, and Level 2 guru’s quickly grabbed shares in an attempt to play the bounce.


In just about one hour, LGOV was trading more than 100% higher from its low on that bounce (which was .008). Here is as screenshot of the trades 61 minutes after it hit its the lows from the previous screenshot.


Let’s evaluate a possible trade. In no way shape or form are we inferring that this can be done on every alert we have. This is for informational purposes only. As you can see by the first screenshot, att 9:42, 3 minutes after our initial alert, a 95,000 share trade went through at a price of .0031. This would have cost you $294.50 plus commission, or about $300. Moving on to the next screenshot, you will see many trades above 2 and 3 cents. We are not saying this is what happened, but it looks like this person could have instantly sold at .031 for a 900% gain. Their $300 would have been worth about $3000 at that level. Even if they missed the initial spike, and waited for a bounce, plenty of trades were being made above .016, which represents a gain of over 400%

Who traded LGOV today !? We have received over 15 emails from subscribers letting us know what their trades were, most of which successfully played the bounces. Email us your stories or trades ! We would be more than happy to hear and share them.

As you can see, it is important to follow our Twitter on these momentum plays ! We had several members complain due to a late email, but there was nothing we could do. We explained in last nights email that recent email delays may hinder opportunities to get a great entry and encouraged readers to to follow us on Twitter. Hopefully next time those that missed will have an equal opportunity. Let us not forget our #1 rule with momentum plays: DO NOT CHASE.

Congratulations everyone, I look forward to hearing from you in regards to requests for alerts like this, the trades you made, and other suggestion you may have.

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