IXEH Is Our Halloween Stock Alert

On October 31, 2011, in Featured Plays, by PennyStockRumors.net
Today, October 3st 2011, we alerted IX Energy Holdings (IXEH.PK) as our penny stock of the day. The following report is a summary of our IXEH alert. After you read this article, we guarantee you’ll feel obligated to sign up for our penny stock alerts to play our next one !


We liked IXEH due to its extremely thin Level 2. Here is a screenshot of Level 2 before our alert. As you can see, IXEH appeared very “thin”.


Now you’re probably looking at IXEH and wondering if was it even possible to make money on our alert. Well here is what time we tweeted IXEH:


You can clearly see our tweets 1 minute before the bell (6:29AM Pacific = 9:29AM eastern). As we had guessed, our 48,000 Twitter followers quickly took note. Lets take a look at the first batch of trades that were brought upon this IXEH penny stock.


A decent amount of share were available in the .0015 to .0085 range. But where could they sell ?





The following screenshot is the trades at the peak of IXEH’s run . You can see the just how much higher these shares traded versus the early entries.


Not only did IXEH trade from .0015 to .0129 (a change of 760%) - but it also provided a great bounce opportunity after its initial spike ! Lets take a look at this chart of IXEH. You can clearly see a retracement back to .004 , and bounce to .0095 for another 137% in gains !



Now tell me who wouldn’t like 500% in gains in one day !? Subscribe free today  to play our next pick ! We don’t spam you with useless alerts, we go to great lengths to offer trade opportunities about once a week !

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