FDMF (Freedom Energy) Is Wednesday’s Sub Penny Play

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We all know that sub penny stocks are favored for their volatility and history of big moves, and that’s why we found one that could turn out to be very rewarding for us all ! Tomorrow we’d like you to keep an eye on this sub penny company that released some pretty critical news after the market closed today.

Our new sub penny alert is:

FDMF - Freedom Energy Holdings

Freedom Energy was created in August of 2008 in a quest to become a major influence in the oil and gas industry due to the increasing need in the oil and gas industry for solutions to the exploitation, moving, and cleaning of heavy oil. FDMF first proved it’s technology on it’s own and local client leases and is now commercializing that success globally.FDMF is preparing for a changing heavy oil market as the United States and other countries look to new technologies to increase energy independence through heavy oil production and reducing the environmental impact.

Here are some quick facts on FDMF:

  • FDMF is priced at just .006 per share
  • FDMF is thinly traded which could mean increased volatility
  • FDMF has shown it can move - it ran 40% from the opening bell last month on less than $10,000 in volume

And in case you haven’t heard from other sources, FDMF just released news after the bellthat could turn heads once it spreads:

Freedom Energy CEO Discusses New Multi-Billion Dollar Recycling and Renewable Energy Opportunities

October 25, 2011, 4:02 pm EDT - FORT WAYNE - Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. Brian Kistler, Chief Executive Officer, today released the following shareholder update regarding the company’s proprietary technology SR-139, specifically formulated to extract hydrocarbons from asphalt shingles.

Mr. Kistler stated, “The need to effectively dispose of the millions of tons of asphalt shingle waste generated each year has created two unique market opportunities for Freedom Energy. First, our proprietary SR-139 technology - unique in its ability to recycle this massive amount of waste - allows us to be at the forefront of a huge new green initiative in this country to dispose of waste cleanly. The second market opportunity exists in the alternative fuel source created by the recycling of asphalt shingles: High Quality Burner Fuel. This clean energy source is created, market ready, by our process and will be sellable to any of the major United States users of burner fuels such as: Pre-mix (Asphalt) plants; Forge furnaces; Aluminum furnaces; Copper furnaces; Sand driers; Rotary kilns, not to mention…, internationally.

FDMF’s KC9000

KC-9000 is a proprietary micro-emulsion technology that:

  • Decreases heavy oil viscosity
  • Liquefies paraffin and controls it with regular treatments
  • Has improved oil production rates from 20% to 363%
  • Outstanding at keeping flow lines and tank batteries open and clean
  • Exceptional cleaning of storage tanks and sludge pits

FEI has tested KC 9000 in a number of projects all of which speak to the effectiveness of KC 9000 as a truly amazing technology; one that is changing the way the world views tank cleaning and sludge remediation. Extensive field and lab tests have proven KC 9000 to be far superior than other products by permanently reducing the viscosity of heavy oil at ambient temperatures.

There are several variations of the base KC 9000 formula that permits it to be applicable with the most viscous crude oils being produced today. KC 9000 has shown to permanently change oil viscosity therefore increasing the API gravity by removing most solids and heavy metals typically found in heavy oil and tank bottoms. FDMF says that the KC 9000 “promises to revolutionize the current tank cleaning processes being utilized” and that the “KC 9000 will greatly benefit all sectors of the oil industry both with topside and down-hole recovery.”

This chart isn’t annotated as we normally try to deliver, but we drew what appears to be a new mid term support line of .0055 and a trendline tracing the recent lows.

The average volume of FDMF is only about $10,000 a day. Here is a look at their share structure from otcmarkets.com as of September 20, 2011 :

Shares Outstanding: 587,166,214

Float: 87,815,873


Another great piece of news FDMF released was in August:

Freedom Energy Holdings Turns Profit

FORT WAYNE - Aug. 24, 2011 - Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. announced today that the company as a result of the recent new relationships has posted a net gain profit for the 2nd Quarter 2011.

Freedom Energy Holdings CEO, Brian Kistler stated, “I am extremely pleased to be able to announce this turn around in the life of the company. As a result of the work, travel and new relationships established over the last several months, the efforts have finally begun to pay off.

We’ve seen the share structure, we’ve seen a chart, and the company released news after hours that could draw new investors to it. We’ve also seen the company prove that they are indeed moving in the right direction ! The only thing left to do is to be sure you’re watching FDMF as the market opens tomorrow.

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