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Thanksgiving Update

Hello everyone, and welcome new subscribers ! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We want everyone to make a lot money this week and we will be putting a lot of effort into getting some picks pre-promotion for

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MOMO Play Coming Monday !

We have a low float, sub penny, momentum play that we are extremely excited about that we will be releasing Monday morning. This pinksheet stock has a client list that would normally belong to a big board company. The latest

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We want you ALL to put MRGP on your watchlist for tomorrow and the following week. This stock is now part of a very large market awareness campaign. Similar campaigns resulted in NXPN (which we called correctly at 70 cents

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Trading Tips Part 2: Finding "Dump the Run" Candidates

“Dump the run” refers to a term where a stock falls significantly, and is met with intense buying at discount prices. One of the most popular “dump the run” plays was BANI. BANI was a fairly inactive stock, with the

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11/3/10 Watchlist 11/3/10 Watchlist + 11/2/10 Wrap Up BLEW – We put this on our watchlist yesterday, and today the stock was up over 100%. Later in the day, the company released news regarding negotiations with Sony, Universal, and more. HNSS

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